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Tag: serpentis

On the Radar

Intaki V – Moon 5 – Astral Mining Inc. Refinery

The crisp, polite knock on her office door was familiar and not unwelcome. “Come in, Bataav,” Sakaane called out in response. The door opened, then closed, and she heard nothing more. She never did, even though she knew he had entered, crossed the room, and was waiting patiently for her to look up from the document she was working on. A silent, comforting shadow.

She scribbled on the paper for a moment longer, paused to examine what she’d written, then shook her head. Sometimes it helped to write, actually apply pen to paper, rather than simply conjuring up words digitally via her neocom, but today it seemed her muse insisted on being elusive regardless. Pushing the document aside, she met Bataav’s gaze with a warm smile. “What do you have for me?”


Bataav told me today that, for some months now, he’s had an operative working to infiltrate the Serpentis cells in the Intaki area. He feels that Darac Rin must be based somewhere in Viriette, especially after the incident in May and Darac’s apparent past familiarity with my father.

Things between us have been a bit better since he showed up at the house last month. I can tell he’s trying to make some gestures of trust, as this matter about the operative shows. It’s a start…

There hasn’t been much word, and for good reason. It takes a great deal of care to get in with the right people in the first place. I suppose it isn’t helped that we’ve learned Darac is something of a black sheep among the Serpentis. Bataav tells me this has made the operative’s job easier to some extent; being on the fringes of the group means the operative doesn’t have to fake the loyalty as much. But it also has made Darac harder to find.

The operative has made it in with the Serpentis, but he still has some ways to go to get close to Darac. He can’t just show up on the guy’s door and ask to tag along, after all. He’ll have to earn that black sheep rep himself. If he moves too fast, it’ll probably tip them all off. But move too slowly…

We have no way of knowing when Darac might try to strike again.


Thanks to Morwen Lagann for assisting with the battle.

Intaki System – Intaki VI – Asteroid Belt 1

The Serpentis squad leader’s hull disintegrated into a ball of fire just as another group of ships warped into view.

Sakaane toggled her ship’s internal comm. “We’re earning our keep today. Prepare to engage new hostiles.”

Vakkas ki Shaanti turned in a graceful arc and sped its way across the belt while the newcomers closed the distance. Warnings sounded as each Serpentis vessel targeted her ship. Locking them up, Sakaane counted: one each of a Chief Guard, Chief Infantry, and Chief Safeguard, while behind them lumbered a Port Admiral.

No doubt dispatched to investigate my handiwork, she thought with a smirk. After yet another day spent dealing with Layla in council, Sakaane had returned home to find Bataav absent, out of system on diplomatic matters. The corp offices were quiet and the system, as was occasionally wont to happen, deserted of other capsuleers. Sakaane had thus taken the opportunity to patrol the belts to blow off steam. A long line of wrecks scattered across the system plus the numerous bounty payouts in her wallet had served to bring a more satisfying end to an otherwise bothersome day.

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

Ah, sweet revenge, how I love your delicate flavor.

I regularly make patrols of the Intaki belts. Serpentis are often found in them apparently lying in wait to harass miners, and I’m happy to use the pirates for target practice. By the time I arrived at VII B2 I’d had several engagements and my ship’s armor was down by thirty percent.

I’d just cleared the belt and was preparing to warp back to station to repair when Thingymawotzit of KWFL jumped in system. By chance or by design, he warped into the belt about thirty klicks from me just as I was getting aligned and up to speed. My trajectory brought me toward him, and his MWD ensured the gap closed so he could get his scram on me.

Thingymawotzit was in the gang that blew me up at the POS on Friday night so I was determined to get him once he forced the battle. He launched drones, I launched drones, and it was on.

The battle was very close… Bataav attempted to come to my rescue but in the heat of the moment I slipped up and provided incorrect coordinates. I think if I hadn’t overloaded my guns it’s possible Thingymawotzit could have taken me out considering the advantage he had due to my ship’s preexisting damage. I had only five percent armor left when he popped.

When I reported the engagement later I was told I’d just downed KWFL’s best pilot. This was my first solo kill.


Cobra Squadron

It occurred to me today that nothing seems to have come about regarding the trial of the Serpentis Cobra Squadron leader Commodore Sylvaine Ouvrard which was detailed in the media this past September. I’ve looked and looked and nothing appears to have been publicized.

Does this mean the trial was so mired in secrecy that the media was unable to report? Or…? Or what if Ouvrard escaped…or was released…so the trial failed to take place at all? But why would The Scope not have any mention of it at all?

I was looking forward to some justice being slapped down on these pirate scum. But if there was some “technicality” that prevented due process…I smell a rat.

Cover Up

Vorada Kuvakei was released today after his lawyers entered a plea bargain for him against the charges made resulting from his involvement with the Serpentis carrier takedown last month. Along with his associates, he’s been expelled from Federation territory too.

I’ve been mulling this over and can’t really wrap my head around it. Xavier originally accused Kuvakei of being “politically motivated” in his actions and of “withholding information and evidence”. What sort of information and evidence would Kuvakei have possibly had if he wasn’t actually involved with the Serpentis directly? Are the Feds so daft in their investigation methods that an operation the size of the one leading to the capture of the carrier was easily disrupted by one or two random capsuleers? Really?

I rather believe the Federation, and Xavier in particular, simply saw an opportunity to pick up on some other slight Kuvakei dealt them in the past, and capitalized on it. Kuvakei is formerly of Mordu’s Legion, and I’m sure there are those in the Federation who still feel the sting of that bit of history. The fact there is a gag order regarding the plea bargain leads me to believe I’m right. If the Illoren pilots really were just interfering in the operation somehow, what could be such a big secret? Why bother exiling them from the Federation? No, something else went on there and I seriously doubt it had anything to do with the Serpentis.

Meanwhile, I will eagerly await the trial of Cobra Squadron.


The Federation finally dealt the Serpentis in Placid a blow and hopefully made a dent in the drug trade. Nice, too, to see the Feds working with local groups like the Placid Militia and actually acknowledging them for trying to do what the Federation honestly should have been doing all along.

The article calls Rise “a scourge on the region of Placid” and I can’t agree more. Even being Reborn myself, I honestly don’t understand why so many Intaki are attracted to it. Despite its supposed “assistance” with memory recall, it has such dangerous risks, and even if it didn’t… It cheapens the whole tradition of being Reborn, spits on those who spend years training the mental disciplines our ancestors used to pull true memories. Anyone who uses Rise simply wants an easy time of it, can’t be bothered to do the work themselves and wants to skip ahead. It’s cheating!

No one can guarantee anything that is “remembered” with Rise is even accurate anyway. Other drugs pull hallucinations out of nothing, create wild trips of the imagination that are worse than nightmares yet also send the user to the most stimulating high or the most devastating low. It’s still all a product of the drug. Why then should Rise’s effects be any different? No one will ever convince me the Serpentis have any desire to do Intaki Reborn any favors. They care about lining their pockets, nothing more. Besides, if it was such a boon to the Reborn, it wouldn’t be illegal.

After the Serpentis attacked the passenger liner, I had amnesia. I knew who I was but the event itself and the days immediately following it were blocked. I had difficulty recalling my childhood. I knew my family but sometimes their names escaped me. All of my Reborn memories were gone too, and remain hidden from me even today.

At the time it never occurred to me but thinking about it now I wonder… My amnesia abated quickly, a month or so at most. I still had a great deal of physical rehabilitation to undergo, not to mention psychological therapy… I’m in no way an expert about that kind of trauma, but surely that’s unusual? What if they used a little Rise to “help” things along? How could I ever trust my own recollections if that were true?

The idea makes me sick, actually, and now I wish I hadn’t thought of it. The hospital is reputable though, and I can’t honestly believe the doctors would risk their medical licenses using an illegal drug in patient care. If anything, the mental disciplines I learned as a child are what helped me through it all. That I know some memories are still blocked reassures me I haven’t been exposed to Rise.

In any case, I hope the Federation continues down this path and wipes Placid clean of all its scourges, and further encourages locals to contribute like they have today. Having lost such assets, the Serpentis should start to think twice about their activities there.

Attack on Reschard V

The attack on Reschard V is all over the news. Training today was suspended; we were quietly informed the Feds might actually send cadets down to support the officers if naval action is called for. The Caldari Navy have been mobilizing their ships along the Placid/Citadel border. Reporters say this is a rumor but we know better. So far though, mostly we’ve just sat around in the campus common areas watching the news for updates.

I don’t know anyone on Reschard V but even so I’m angry. No one has claimed responsibility thus far. Could the Serpentis have done this? Apparently CONCORD scanners picked up a capital-class ship in low orbit around the planet moments before the attack. Supposing the Serpentis had acquired such a vessel, why bring it against Reschard V? What was the point of this attack? I can fathom none except pure, senseless violence. The Intaki living there were mainly farmers; the colony had no military presence and certainly little, if any, tactical value. Whoever is responsible has just leapt over the line from acts of piracy to acts of terrorism…and if the attackers are never identified, they will get away with it too. All the more reason to rout out the scum in Placid!

The feeds say the level of destruction on the surface will result in nearly ninety percent loss of all life. Sisters of EVE are down there already but the aftermath of the explosion has created a planetary storm which is preventing anyone from doing much. No Federation officials have shown up yet, and as the hours drag by it seems the reporters are harping on this fact more and more and losing sight of this terrible incident. Sometimes I just don’t understand the Federation’s priorities.

Starting Over

I’m told I’ll be released in a week. My physical therapy has gone well; I’m fitter and stronger now than I was before the incident. Thanks to the doctor’s skilled hands you can’t even tell I was ever physically injured…all the scars are gone.

My psychological health has improved greatly since I got my voice back. I no longer fall victim to fits and tantrums when I see reports of pirate activity on the news. I feel much calmer, much more like myself. The nightmares are becoming quieter also… More and more I can sleep an entire night through. They tell me there’s little else they can do to help…the rest of this long road I need to travel on my own, as Ida teaches us.

Mom…is much the same. Her body has healed and they know she could take care of herself…if she wanted to. They moved her to a long-term care facility, one normally for the elderly with advanced mental decay. She seems old now, though she’s not.

She has yet to say anything to anyone and in my heart I know I won’t hear her speak again. She’ll never come home either.

I’ve been thinking for a while about what to do when I’m released. I haven’t yet sung any of my songs. I’ve tried… Maybe it’s this place. Maybe it’s just not right to sing here. But even as I write those words I know it’s more than that. The songs are in me but I…just can’t. I can hardly bear to think I’ll never sing again.

What is left for me? Then I consider the oath I swore, of the threat the Serpentis represent. I haven’t forgotten. I never will.

Today I saw a recruitment ad in the feeds and at once I knew it was what I needed. A capsuleer! Now I know who these people are. This is how I will give back to the Serpentis what they gave to me.

I’ll have to sell everything to raise the necessary funds…but it will be worth it.

The Long Road Revisited

I’m calmer now; I can finish the previous entry. I guess they had to sedate me again. Lately I get so worked up! When that happens the nurses make tutting sounds and murmur about the so-called stoic nature of the Intaki. My therapist sighs and makes notes.

What kind of life will I lead now? I wish I had died.

No, that’s not true. Not all the time, but still sometimes. I was naive about leaving Intaki, ignorant about what dangers there were beyond my world.

It took some doing; in the early days they wouldn’t let me watch the newsfeeds and my therapist still doesn’t like it if I do. Actually, she reminds me a lot of my father that way. He never let us learn much about New Eden, and I guess now I understand why he always became irritable and quiet when any of us asked questions. He was always afraid to talk about space. But maybe if he hadn’t been I wouldn’t be in this position! How could he let us go out there without knowing anything?! I’ve never been so angry…

I’m paying attention now; I see and hear the reports of what goes on all across Placid, things I never paid attention to before, things my father tried to protect me from the way he kept the waiver secret.

But some weeks ago I finally learned who attacked us, who wrecked my life and killed all the people I love.

That name is what I hold onto. If I have nothing else now, I have that. And one day I will be free of this hospital, free of bleached sheets, antiseptic smells and needles and therapies and people telling me it will “be okay”. On that day, I will find a way to get back at the pirates for what they’ve done. I swear.