I had a rather odd—yet strangely enjoyable—encounter in Intaki today. A rogue drone calling itself AI 42 engaged me in dialogue. It’s a more unique specimen of rogue drone in that it inhabits, to some extent, a capsuleer clone. I don’t really understand how this came to be, but it seems to me there is more of a human element left in this drone than it would care to admit.

We had some trouble with AI 42 and other similar units a while back. If there is any chance we might see their return in the future…well. I couldn’t help but try to sway it from its designated purpose. Bataav tells me it was a futile effort, for as soon as the unit has completed its repair cycle it will be “reset” to its original programming. But I wonder if that is actually true… The parting statements hint it might not be the case.

I suppose all we can do is wait and see.

Transcript follows.