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Tag: morwen lagann

I-RED Tea and Press Conference

This ficlet is based directly on chatlogs from the in-game event hosted by I-RED, but retooled as a narrative from Sakaane’s point of view.
Some portions of dialogue or actions by other characters at the event are not represented, because Sakaane didn’t eavesdrop on everyone. :)

En Route to Malkalen V – Moon 1 – Ishukone Corporation Factory

I-RED has been in full operation for three years and we would like to thank those leaders and allies who have made it possible with a grand ceremony. Through hardship and prosperity, I-RED has endured these long years and made a name for itself as a forward thinker and fighter for Free Trade and greater CONCORD authority in the cluster. The vision of one man turned into the dream and cause of many, and I-RED will continue to forge new relations among all four empires and beyond—all while helping to expand the influence of law and order to regions lacking.

The information stream flowed past Sakaane’s mind’s eye. Her implants automatically decoded the data, effortlessly reforming the otherwise incoherent bits into ordered words and language the organic part of her brain would understand.

Outside, a warp tunnel formed and then eventually collapsed. The hull she was plugged into was an Amarr shuttle affectionately called Firefly and it steered itself toward the stargate. She paid it scant attention. The fastest route to Malkalen from Intaki was mostly lowsec, but today, due to the handful of baseliner passengers on the shuttle with her, she had chosen to go via Stacmon which made the journey mostly through hisec. The passengers had gladly taken advantage of the opportunity she’d offered to go so far and so quickly compared to normal transports.

On Music and Meddling

A good conversation erupted in FreeIntaki today.

This was my first opportunity to speak to Bastian Valoron since that mail from James Syagrius arrived earlier this week. I was pleased he inquired about the Intaki Cultural Center and seemed to have an interest in learning more about our people.

It was nice to talk about the artistic part of my past without it feeling like “a big deal” for once. That I could use my music and that of others as an example of the Federation’s cultural oppression was quite interesting to me. It’s not something I planned on but the timing worked out well, as it was still on my mind from that lengthy meeting I had with Suresha Hawke at the beginning of the month.

The conversation was enjoyable. It was nice to have more voices chiming in with support, rather than feeling like being on the back foot from all sides as tends to be the norm. It was too bad I had to cut the discussion short when I did, as I would have liked to explore the topic a bit more. I wonder what thoughts the Chancellor took away from the conversation.

It almost made me wonder if I could try picking up my instruments…or even the microphone…again. Maybe one day soon? Somehow I don’t think so… But then, the way things have been going, who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Transcript follows.

Darac Rin

He was here last night, in Intaki. My friends looked but couldn’t locate him.

They gave me a transcript… I can’t put into words how much their support means to me. With everything else that’s been going on lately it’s nice to know I have so many on my side.

“Four notches” in his belt, he said. He claims responsibility for the death of my family, even my mother. He said he wants “the whole set”, like we’re some kind of goddamn figurines! And he called my father a traitor. A traitor to what…?!

The bodies of my father and brothers were never recovered. I keep telling myself it’s just smack, just something he said to unnerve my friends, and me. A lot of the victims were never found. But I can’t help but wonder…

He’s been to my home. He mentioned the tree. How else would he know unless he’d been there? Bataav has stationed a security detail on the property now. We went down together so I could tell Aranza in person what was happening. I wanted to meet the team’s commander too, to know who is looking after my interests.

Even when I’m not there, they watch.

We tried to joke about me getting a bodyguard. I laughed; I won’t live in fear. I knew that threats against my life could, and would, happen once I became president. I visit the firing range often, though I carry my sidearm in a concealed shoulder holster now instead of on display at my hip. Bataav and I practice hand-to-hand together too. I could still be better at both disciplines but Darac would really have a run for his money now. Put a bullet between his eyes? Hell yes.

We didn’t joke for too long. For all his hot air and posturing, the guy is obviously serious, and he did attempt to kill me once before. The timing is convenient. I wonder if the holoreel convention reminded him of his failed attempt. I wonder if he was waiting for a reason to take another shot at me. Now that I’m president I suppose I look like a…juicier trophy…than before.

But why? Why would he claim the things he has? What possible interest could he have in my family? It still makes no sense to me…

One thing is for certain: he’s at least somewhat more clever than some who were monitoring FreeIntaki gave him credit for. Darac’s appearance revealed his public profile to us, and at first glance he looks like a capsuleer still green from military school. But having met him at the holoreel convention last year, Bataav and I know this isn’t the case. When he checked, Bataav found the transponder code on Darac’s broadcast was faked; the profile we can see doesn’t contain Darac’s true details.

So much for coming back to work fresh.

Transcript follows.