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Tag: i-red

Conference Reflections

Today I attended the I-RED Tea and Press Conference at their headquarters in Malkalen.

The event was well-planned and security well-enforced. As advertised, I-RED had invited a colorful array of individuals, many of whom I know only by reputation, such as Verone, Tiberious Thessalonia, Istvaan Shogaatsu and many others. Jev North was there, too. There was some excitement but no one was shot in the end.

Morwen Lagann gave a fabulous violin performance. It made me wonder if I will ever be able to pick up my music again. Maybe one day she and I can play together…

I-RED Tea and Press Conference

This ficlet is based directly on chatlogs from the in-game event hosted by I-RED, but retooled as a narrative from Sakaane’s point of view.
Some portions of dialogue or actions by other characters at the event are not represented, because Sakaane didn’t eavesdrop on everyone. :)

En Route to Malkalen V – Moon 1 – Ishukone Corporation Factory

I-RED has been in full operation for three years and we would like to thank those leaders and allies who have made it possible with a grand ceremony. Through hardship and prosperity, I-RED has endured these long years and made a name for itself as a forward thinker and fighter for Free Trade and greater CONCORD authority in the cluster. The vision of one man turned into the dream and cause of many, and I-RED will continue to forge new relations among all four empires and beyond—all while helping to expand the influence of law and order to regions lacking.

The information stream flowed past Sakaane’s mind’s eye. Her implants automatically decoded the data, effortlessly reforming the otherwise incoherent bits into ordered words and language the organic part of her brain would understand.

Outside, a warp tunnel formed and then eventually collapsed. The hull she was plugged into was an Amarr shuttle affectionately called Firefly and it steered itself toward the stargate. She paid it scant attention. The fastest route to Malkalen from Intaki was mostly lowsec, but today, due to the handful of baseliner passengers on the shuttle with her, she had chosen to go via Stacmon which made the journey mostly through hisec. The passengers had gladly taken advantage of the opportunity she’d offered to go so far and so quickly compared to normal transports.


Thanks to Bataav, Caellach Marellus, and John Revenent for participating.

Somewhere in Syndicate

The journey from Intaki had thus far been uneventful, save for a brief, heart-pounding moment when their ships came out of warp kissing up against a bubble. Reverse thrusters fired and the hulls keeled over like cats desperately wanting to avoid being stuffed in a carrier. Crewmen—already at alert status—had leapt to battle stations, but the bubble was abandoned, or at the very least, unmanned at that particular moment. The two ships were cloaked anyway. Rather than crawling through the bubble to the gate, they’d warped off to a celestial, returned from a different vector, and continued on their way.

“You’re quiet,” Bataav observed a while later as they neared their destination.

Sakaane swiveled her camera drones to where she supposed his Buzzard might be beside her Anathema as they flew through the black together. Usually, she was the one prompting him.

Another jump came and went and she remained silent, thoughtful. An accompanying flash of gate fire was the only hint he could see that she was still with him.

“I was just thinking,” she eventually replied with a sigh. “The comments Syagrius and others have made about IPI and I-RED. They’re…troubling. We can’t afford to be seen that way anymore.”

“We do need to do more to dissuade opinions like those.”

“Which is ironic, considering where we’re going and why. But then, I suppose it couldn’t be done all at once anyway.”

“No. And we should be mindful of how it might be perceived.”

Silence again. Then she said tightly, “Surely there’s a way to coexist as allies with I-RED while ensuring the public doesn’t see us as their ‘pet’.”


I participated in a joint I-RED and ILF fleet op last night. It turned out to be the largest capsuleer fleet I’ve been in to date; eight of us plus lots of I-RED and a few others for a group of twenty in all. Alas, there was no joy as we patrolled, which I suppose is good in that the systems were not crawling with undesirables. I-RED took us into nullsec and we didn’t find any targets there either.

A surprise was waiting for us when we arrived in Vlillirier and Alsavoinon: a forty-plus ship fleet fielded by Wildly Inappropriate on both sides of the gate:

OMG it’s a blob!

OMG it’s a blob!

OMG it’s a bigger blob!

OMG it’s a bigger blob!

Just about everyone in our fleet escaped. I had to burn back to gate in the hope of making it through to break the enemy’s lock; I’d been targeted and thankfully hits only started landing just as I jumped. I-RED escorted us back to Intaki after that and we docked up for a break.

Devan meant to join us at this point, but while the rest of us were still in station he was jumped at the Agoze gate in Intaki and lost his Hurricane.

Mammal decided to take us back out again right away for a jaunt through Placid. We ran through the Intaki sov systems a few times, and coming through Agoze found a Maelstrom sitting on the Ost gate. He targeted the fleet but didn’t engage, and neither did we. It was kind of a staring contest, all our battlecruisers hanging idle around a battleship, waiting for someone to flinch first. I started to wonder if anything would happen at all.

In the end, the Maelstrom flinched first and it was on! He was shield repping pretty fast so Mammal ordered us to overload, and in the end we got him. Another final blow for me, too!

Too bad hammerof thegods, a red who appeared and whored in on the fight, got away. It would have been nice to add his name to today’s kill list. Next time…