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Yesterday I applied to the Intaki Liberation Front and they accepted! Devan and Eric were accepted too.

Devan paid out the corp assets today and transferred CEO status to Dellan Tarq, a man he hired to hold TGPI in trust. He explained to me he didn’t want to disband the corp completely on the off-chance we desired to return one day, and supposing any of the currently dormant crew turn up, he didn’t want to leave them in the lurch. There’s a reserve in the bank to keep the office in Mormoen paid for some time, and I guess the HQ flag has been moved there for now.

I felt relief when we undocked, me in my Harbinger and Devan and Eric in an Orca each to carry all our stuff. We left behind some ships in our personal hangars, but a good majority of the rest came with us. Finally, we were on our way.

Moving home

Moving home

I haven’t been back to Stacmon since that brief stop years ago after the Serpentis attack. I haven’t been home at all since…YC106? Too long. Much, much too long.


We’ve made slow but steady progress in getting the corp tied down. Who knew there would be so much work involved? I even flew all the way down to Ghesis and then back around through some wayward systems I’ve never heard of to pick up a few residual items that someone (probably Nailo) abandoned after leaving the corp. A lot of it had been impounded and I had to pay to get it back.

Things with Devan progress too I guess. I don’t see him much still but I think it’s just his way of dealing with what happened between us. Nevertheless we’ve made some strides with finding our way back to being friends and I can tell he’s been sorting through all the junk in the corp hangars, because things disappear and the corp wallet balance goes up and up and up.

The most extraordinary thing happened too. The other day Gabriel Alkest popped up literally from nowhere. None of us has seen or heard from Gabe or his brother Ven since they left to go fight with FDU.

I was the only one around at the time. I’d just finished packing up one of the storage rooms in the TGPI office and had sat down for a break when, just suddenly, there he was in the doorway.

Although our first meeting was less than stellar, in the couple of months before he left TGPI Gabe and I did have a few more opportunities to get to know each other a bit better. We still never really got along. Oil and water, as they say. I don’t know what about today was different, but we didn’t argue. Maybe it’s because I’ve been on my own so much since April and was just thankful to have someone, anyone, to talk to. Maybe it’s because he’s gained some perspective in the time he’s been away at war. Probably both, but who knows for sure. In any event, we sat and talked for hours, openly about anything and everything. He surprised me with his humor and the number of interests we found we had in common.

He asked after Devan and the corp. I told him everything. He seemed shocked that Devan and I had split up instead of being married with about ten children by now. There was nothing I could say to that, and while it was like a kind of release to talk it all out with someone, I was still a bit relieved when the conversation moved on to other things.

It turns out Gabe left FDU and was still thinking about what to do next. I mentioned ILF. Whatever personality conflict we may have had in the past seems to have washed away, and given what is going on at home, his combat experience would be valuable. He said he would look into it and possibly send a mail to ILF’s CEO, Saxon Hawke.

After several hours of chatting, the conversation ended well and I’m actually looking forward to speaking to Gabe again. In the meantime I have my own affairs in order and I’m ready to go home. There are just a few last things to sort for TGPI and then we’ll be ready to leave.


I decided today I will quit TGPI and apply to ILF. I’ve seen nothing but good things about this corporation and the people in it. They want to improve the status quo in Placid and they strive for Intaki to achieve independence from the Federation. Joining them would mean I can go home and be close to Mom to boot!

I managed to catch Devan in his office. We sat and had our first real face to face conversation since our breakup. It was awkward and a bit nerve-wracking at first; I feared something about it would go badly but in the end it was all right.

I asked him (and yes, Eric too) to come with me. I’ve come to accept we aren’t together anymore but I’d like to find our way back to being friends like we used to be, and really, there is no reason for him to stay here. I told him about ILF and we spent some time reviewing the information I’ve gathered about them.

He thought about it and then agreed, but asked me to stay for a while first to help tidy things up things with TGPI before we shut it down. Since becoming CEO he’s discovered there are a great deal more assets left lying around New Eden than he thought, and we might as well recover and liquidate it all for future use since there is no one left to utilize any of it otherwise.

For the first time this year, I think I feel content with the direction my path is taking.

And Then There Were…Three

In the last month TGPI’s operations reduced to little more than a few discussions hosted on the corporate forum. We’ve debated the merits of trying to maintain the corp the way it is, whether there is anything we can do to revive it, and how willing people are to pitch in… Or whether we should go ahead and dissolve the company and go our separate ways. Everyone who was left after Nailo’s departure seemed to have consensus that something should be done, but no one appears to feel particularly inclined in any one direction or another.

Today we received Abby’s note of resignation. I wasn’t entirely surprised given where he’s been basing out of for so long. In the last month Kruznik has disappeared as well, though he remains registered with TGPI. This leaves just Devan, Eric, and myself.

The stress has taken its toll. Even though it’s been some weeks since Devan moved out I still look for his things out of habit. It’s no one’s fault the relationship ended… Collateral damage from everything else we’ve been dealing with this year. I miss him.

For the most part now I spend my time alone. I take solo jobs from agents to keep myself from thinking about Devan. It doesn’t really work but I do the jobs anyway. Eric follows Devan around like a puppy so I know the two of them must be working together; I see evidence of their activity in the corp wallet and the hangars. Largely my only contact with Devan is whatever messages he may have left for me as we continue, half-heartedly, to consider the future of TGPI.

I think about Intaki a lot.


Thanks to Devan Corvel and Nailo Zook for participating.

Bereye III – Moon 1 – Roden Shipyards Factory
Golden Phoenix Inc. Office

Sakaane sat at her desk, staring at a datapad. The display swam before her, prompting her to drop the device with a sigh so she could massage her temples and forehead. The act did nothing to ease the ache behind her eyes; she leaned forward instead, resting her elbows on the desk and leaving her head in her hands.

It had been a hard twelve months and Sakaane felt drained. A year had passed since the first Caldari occupation of Intaki and everything had gone downhill from there. She’d lost Mourning Star and its crew to rogue slavers because of her own stupid, completely avoidable negligence: she’d been so worried about her homeworld that her mind wandered from the battle and she’d failed to activate any defenses. Some weeks later, reports began to surface of shortages in Intaki, and by June of YC111, the Caldari had swept through the rest of the Federation war zone, claiming it all for the State. Long conversations with Njal about these developments had ignited a desire to go back to Intaki and fight for independence…but still she found herself in hisec.

She opened her eyes. The datapad’s display listed the current Golden Phoenix roster. Annoyingly, all but four of the names showed as inactive, including Nailo’s, their CEO, and she sighed. More and more over the last year, Devan had been forced to step into his shoes and make decisions that shouldn’t have been his to make. He’d stay up late working on reports and tasks which should have been solely the responsibility of the CEO and no one else. His own responsibilities and other obligations, including to her, had fallen more and more by the wayside, and she’d seen him less and less for all the time he spent holed up in the corp office. Nailo had been more or less unreachable and left no word as to when he’d resurface. The corporation had floundered without proper guidance, and there had been no one else with at least some authority to do anything about that but Devan.

Their relationship had degenerated to frequent arguments about Devan’s role and what Nailo’s absence was doing to TGPI and to their relationship. Sakaane had tried to help as much as she could, but Devan was stuck being a director doing a CEO’s job without a CEO’s roles or title. They could only hobble along and, for lack of a better term, fake it.

Downward Spin

As I feared, Nailo has remained CEO in absentia.

Devan and I argue frequently now about his role and what Nailo’s absence is doing to the corp and to our relationship. I help as much as I can, but Devan is stuck being a director doing a CEO’s job without a CEO’s roles. Even though he’s “Acting CEO” now, he still only has a certain amount of access granted to him like I do, so we can only hobble along and, for lack of a better term, fake it. He questions his own decisions constantly and worries he’s going to bring TGPI to ruin.

How am I supposed to do my job as Director of Personnel when we have no CEO to properly greet new recruits? How are we supposed to explain to these people what the corp’s direction is and why Devan makes all the decisions when he doesn’t technically have the authorization to do so? Morale around the office is brutally low and activity has ceased from everyone else except Eric, Abby, and Kruznik. But even then, Abby maintains his distance in Amarr space so he might as well not be in the corp at all, and Kruznik has taken much the same cue, holing up down in Cat and only occasionally venturing up to Bereye. How are we a corp if we can’t even form a cohesive group?

Now and again Nailo seems to send a mail to Devan but they’re never very helpful and never mention when he might return. At least we know he’s still alive? I’ve been pushing Devan to ask Nailo to transfer CEO status to him, even if only temporarily, so that we can at least get something worthwhile done with TGPI, but Devan is reluctant. He still considers Nailo a friend and doesn’t feel it’s fair to imply Nailo is no longer worthy to have the role of CEO.

We go around in circles on that point. I can appreciate his perspective, but we are stuck so long as we have no active CEO. Our wheels are spinning and nothing productive gets done. It’s so frustrating! This kind of status quo is unacceptable and if this is how it’s going to be, it’s time to look for something else.

Today is my birthday. We had meant to have dinner tonight but once again Devan is working late in that damn office taking care of Nailo’s business. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night to find myself alone in our bed because Devan was out there having to haul in a contract because no one else with the skills to would. I can’t even remember the last time we just had a day to ourselves.

I am not happy.

Congratulations Are In Order…

The last month and a half has been an unexpected whirlwind of activity. The Federation Senate voted to deny votes to occupied systems which means all the people at home will not be allowed to have their opinion heard in the upcoming elections. I’m infuriated like many others but uncertain what, if anything, can be done about it right now. The Caldari need to be ousted, first and foremost.

Shortly after Devan’s and my disgraceful adventure in the wormhole, Nailo suddenly reappeared and surprised us all by having a blushing fiancée in tow! She’s a baseliner and a lovely woman, and didn’t seemed perturbed at all at being in the presence of so many capsuleers at once.

I tried very hard to ignore Devan’s pointed I told you he wasn’t a spy look. I reserve judgment; no woman could really be that good to explain Nailo’s total disappearance for months on end. A bride might make for a convenient cover story, though watching them I have no doubt Nailo loves her very much.

Anyway, with hardly a word more to explain where he’s been (although he did thank Devan for keeping things going), Nailo slapped him on the back and said he wanted Devan to be best man at the wedding, which incidentally was scheduled for late November, and of course the whole corp, such as it remains, was invited.

The group of us travelled to Luminaire about a week out from the big day. There were still a lot of things that needed to be done and Devan, as best man, had to play catch up while I had to make do on my own. Abby came up from Amarr space to attend as well, and over a few days approximately half the original TGPI crew filtered in like ghosts. None of them volunteered where they’ve been; I didn’t ask.

The ceremony took place November 22 on the Crystal Boulevard. Perfect weather, perfect bride, beaming Nailo. Devan looked incredibly sharp in his formal wear and I couldn’t help but entertain girlish thoughts of what it might be like if it were me walking down that aisle to meet him. Maybe one day…

And just like that, all the excitement was over and we were home. Now the happy couple is off honeymooning somewhere and Devan is back to wearing Nailo’s shoes for him. I’d like to believe this time will only be until the honeymoon is over. Why should the CEO be the only one who gets to enjoy his relationship?

An Anonymous Benefactor

Three days ago Devan and I ventured into a wormhole. He wanted to see about the feasibility of starting up some official operations in w-space as a way to attract new blood to the corp and inject activity again. But first we needed to investigate, do some recon, and generally gain some first-hand experience.

Knowing we might be in for a bit of trouble, I took Scarab in and Devan was flying his Proteus, Tahkisis. It seemed appropriate, given these ships are based on technology brought back from w-space in the first place. Right? We thought we were prepared. After all, the last few wormholes we’d gone into had been a piece of cake.

Instead, we had our asses handed to us.

Devan had a scanner on hand and tracked down some anomalies within the system we landed in. The first few resolved to a couple of innocuous belts and a gas cloud, and everything seemed to be going well. Then we happened across a structure…and it was crawling with Sleepers!

The last time I lost a ship it was due to inattention. This time I was ready (or so I thought), my crew was ready (or so I thought), yet Devan and I both barely had time to react. It happened so fast… They swarmed us and before I knew it he was screaming at me to bug out. I didn’t realize it then but his ship had already been lost, bringing the entire swarm’s force to bear on myself. The logs show the killing blow was laid by something designated only as “Orthus”.

My Legion disintegrated around me in the blink of an eye. Even if the crew had a chance to escape the burning wreck, the Sleepers still got them immediately after, and I barely got out alive myself. My capsule sustained a glancing blow that nearly shredded it as it hit warp. It’s the closest I’ve ever been to being podded.

Most definitely a failure. We retreated, shaken and defeated, to Bereye, knowing that plan was scrap. Devan did some checking with the community and it turns out they’ve come up with their own rating system. We’d stumbled into a “Class 5”, whereas the others would have been “Class 1” or “Class 2”. Given this variance we’ll have to get TGPI back on its feet some other way before we consider wormhole space again. How exactly we’re going to do that is still up for debate.

The odd thing is… Today when I checked my account I noticed the balance was much, much higher than I remembered. In the night, someone deposited enough ISK into my wallet to replace the Legion and then some. I queried the bank and was only told the funds are legit. The identity of the person who gave it to me is unknown, and the only note he or she left with the deposit was, “Sorry for your loss.”

I’m alarmed…but also intrigued.

And Then There Were Four?

Despite all the uproar in the last year, I’ve made an effort to grow the ranks of TGPI but it seems to be for naught. We brought on several new people—Sansebastian, Johnny, Musashi, Huanlong, Kruznik, others—and all have either left to join other organizations or simply fail to make any sort of regular appearance.

Where is Nailo and the rest of the original TGPI crew? There were more than a dozen of them when I signed on last year, but since then the group has seemingly been whittled down to just Devan and Eric, and, to some extent, Abby, though he spends most of his time on his own out in Amarr space. The corporation roster still lists everyone else but anyone’s guess is good as to where they might be or what they’re doing. I think new recruits feel uneasy staying in our ranks when they see so little participation from the long-standing members, and I can’t blame them!

That Nailo, our CEO, has been absent from our daily operations for months is especially worrisome. More and more, Devan has had to step into his shoes and make decisions that shouldn’t be his to make. He stays up late working on reports and tasks which should be solely the responsibility of the CEO and no one else. Devan has his own responsibilities to tend to, he has obligations to himself and to me outside of the work we do… I see him less and less for all the time he spends in the corp office. But Nailo has been unreachable and left no word. The corporation will flounder without someone’s guidance, and there is no one else with at least some authority to do it but Devan.

Part of me, a not-so-small part, can’t help but notice the original TGPI crew, who lately again I am painfully aware are mostly all Caldari, started to vanish this spring right around when the militia conflict with the State began to ramp up again. Devan gets angry when I suspect these things are related. It’s an awfully convenient coincidence though…

Director of Personnel

The theft two days ago has left everyone rather contemplative. Devan, Nailo, and I were talking about it today and I tossed out a few ideas regarding new procedures for bringing new people into the corp.

Given these guys are all friends (more or less; I don’t think Eric actually knows the meaning of the word) I think to date they haven’t really thought about how to handle recruitment of complete strangers. After Ven and Gabe I was probably the closest thing to it when Devan brought me in.

Anyway, I suggested things like a more rigorous interview process and even some co-op work before bringing someone under the corp’s banner. Next thing I knew I was being offered the title of Director of Personnel along with all of the responsibilities and security permissions that go with it!

I felt embarrassed and even shamed. I don’t believe Devan ever repeated to Nailo nor anyone else the things I said about the TGPI crew back in September, but I wondered if Nailo somehow knew anyway. Maybe that office is bugged… Yet the offer was there, free for me to take if I wanted.

Even though I had (and, to much extent, still have) reservations about the company Devan has been keeping, so far it’s been working out all right. The bulk of the corp keeps to themselves and many of them are often off in other parts of New Eden, so we rarely actually cross paths. I spend most of my time with Devan and Eric, and for the most part that suits me fine. The guys are polite when they do see me though, and I reply in kind, so we have been getting along. Small steps.

For Nailo to offer this to me is much more than a small step though. An investment of trust…

I accepted.