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Thanks to Tycho Antus, Bataav, and James Syagrius for participating.


“As long as you look for someone else to validate who you are by seeking their approval,
you are setting yourself up for disaster.
You have to be whole and complete in yourself.
No one can give you that.
You have to know who you are—what others say is irrelevant.”

Intaki V – Moon 5 – Astral Mining Inc. Refinery
Capsuleer Residences

“I’m going down to the surface,” Sakaane suddenly announced.

Bataav looked up from the intelligence report he’d been studying. Sakaane sat across the room from him in a large window box spanning one whole wall of the living room. She’d barely moved since that morning, keeping her thoughts to herself and staring moodily out at the vista of the dome.

He followed her gaze. Evening was falling on the station and Ramacandra was beginning to darken the dome’s false sky. Someone had parked a Myrmidon overhead; it hung like a frozen dagger against the black disc of the moon, a ghostly visage that slowly solidified as the dome turned transparent for the night.

“I’m nearly done this report,” he said. “I can be ready in a few minutes.”

“I’d rather go alone. I need…some time to myself.”

He shook his head, picked up his datapad to input a few quick commands. They’d been over that already. “Then one of my men will meet you at the spaceport.”

The Potential for Friendship

I came across a surprising announcement on the Intergalactic Summit today. It seems that, following some carefully-dressed yet still troubling statements by Chancellor Valoron, RECLT has withdrawn from Federal Consensus Outreach.

I couldn’t help but feel an opportunity was staring me in the face. So, I took it.

I feel optimistic. It would be so beneficial for IPI to get an active group like RECLT in with us. And…well. If RECLT joined IPI I’ll admit I wouldn’t mind reveling just a little in the public kerfluffle it would cause. There would be amusing and fun times for sure.

We’ll see where this goes!

Transcript follows.

On Music and Meddling

A good conversation erupted in FreeIntaki today.

This was my first opportunity to speak to Bastian Valoron since that mail from James Syagrius arrived earlier this week. I was pleased he inquired about the Intaki Cultural Center and seemed to have an interest in learning more about our people.

It was nice to talk about the artistic part of my past without it feeling like “a big deal” for once. That I could use my music and that of others as an example of the Federation’s cultural oppression was quite interesting to me. It’s not something I planned on but the timing worked out well, as it was still on my mind from that lengthy meeting I had with Suresha Hawke at the beginning of the month.

The conversation was enjoyable. It was nice to have more voices chiming in with support, rather than feeling like being on the back foot from all sides as tends to be the norm. It was too bad I had to cut the discussion short when I did, as I would have liked to explore the topic a bit more. I wonder what thoughts the Chancellor took away from the conversation.

It almost made me wonder if I could try picking up my instruments…or even the microphone…again. Maybe one day soon? Somehow I don’t think so… But then, the way things have been going, who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Transcript follows.

Federal Consensus Outreach

An unexpected message crossed my desk today. It seems James Syagrius and his group have taken a sudden interest in Intaki.

The mail had a positive, friendly voice, and the man seems approachable, but my gut tells me to be wary. The timing is incredibly suspicious, given the public incident just some days ago between FCO’s Chancellor and I-RED. This Basitan Valoron‘s attitude and comments toward I-RED and all our efforts in Intaki left much to be desired and scored no points at all with me.

Indeed, even Mr Syagrius’s comments later on in that debate give me reason to pause. If he feels such about I-RED, why would he willingly wish to associate with IPI, who values I-RED as an ally? A saving grace, at least, is that he didn’t descend to the same level as his leader.

I can only presume that FCO and RECLT’s sudden interest in Intaki is linked directly to their claims about I-RED, in the hope of finding more “evidence” with which to supposedly discredit our ally.

I can’t stop them from entering the system, nor would I try. But with this kind of first impression, they have a great deal to prove to me before I will welcome them with open arms.

Common Ground

Thanks to Saxon Hawke and Layla Saitana for their written contributions.
The original posts are here.

Stacmon V – Moon 9 – Federation Navy Assembly Plant

Sakaane walked into the station lounge and paused to survey the room, noting pilots grouped here and there at tables. Their conversations were hushed, spoken to one another from behind glasses held up near their mouths, their shoulders hunched toward one another as if afraid of being overheard. As she watched, more than a few repeatedly made glances in the direction of a certain table. Some of them sniggered while others had lingering expressions of mortification on their faces.

My grandmother would have said we are hanging out the dirty wash for all the world to see by meeting here, Sakaane thought, annoyed. Requiring a public arena as a means to enforce decorum was ridiculous, though from the tension in the air it appeared she had just missed an example of how this setting might not necessarily achieve that end anyway. Could they really accomplish nothing without an audience? This is not how things should be done.

She turned her head, following the glances of the onlookers, and was not surprised to see Suresha Hawke and Layla Saitana sitting together. Taking a measured breath, Sakaane banished her irritation. That attitude would do no good here. Regardless of the venue, they needed this meeting. The alliance depended on it. She squared her shoulders and approached the table.

Namas, Suresha, Layla,” she said warmly, bowing respectfully to Saxon. “I hope you’ve not been waiting long.”

War In Intaki

For lack of much else to do in my downtime I’ve started poking into the Intergalactic Summit. Bataav, Mammal, and the Suresha seem to spend a lot of time there promoting ILF’s cause and recently it was commented by someone how it would be nice to have more voices from the corp lending support. To date I’ve not had many occasions to really look for myself. Most of the time I’ve been too busy, and IGS tends to move quickly.

Today, though, I took notice of this post by Seriphyn Inhonores.

I’ve met him only once, just recently. I happened to be back up at Astral to tend to a few things and, as always, was monitoring FreeIntaki at the same time. He was monitoring too. Other people have spoken of him from time to time of course, so I wasn’t completely oblivious to his identity. And there he was, the “great” Seriphyn Inhonores, in all his glory:

Seriphyn Inhonores > Jezebel Danae, my god woman… Your bust has about the same depth as your torso!
Jezebel Danae > Yea, and your point is?
Seriphyn Inhonores > Er.
Jezebel Danae > Didn’t think so.
Sakaane Eionell > Doesn’t always pay to be a typical man, does it, Commander?

It seems most people call him “General” but when I reviewed his public profile, his rank was displayed only as “Commander”. Given his opening remarks, I had no intention of affording him respect he didn’t honestly appear worthy of or entitled to. Still, at the time I decided to be polite since I didn’t actually know him.

Seriphyn Inhonores > I was expressing shock, not lust…!
Tahni Midari > Some women simply have…um…those sorts of genetics.
Jezebel Danae > Cause I’m skinny and have large breasts? What’s so shocking about that?

He looked to me after that and said:

Seriphyn Inhonores > Seems like you know who I am, but I’m ’fraid that’s not reciprocated.

I remember I took a moment to think about how I wanted to respond to him. He’s a militia pilot and a patriot of the Federation, obviously a polar opposite in many ways to myself.

Sakaane Eionell > Your reputation precedes you, sir.

It’s really too bad that tone doesn’t always transmit terribly well over public comms channels. Seriphyn has a reputation, certainly. Doesn’t mean I consider it a good one…but apparently he does, because the channel registered him coughing and blushing visibly after my comment.

There was more to that encounter but it’s a story for another time. Anyway, reading over his post on IGS today elicited similar feelings. I didn’t much care for his pot-shot against IPI and I-RED for not doing anything in the Intaki sov to stave off the militias, and Damar Rocarion is just as bad, if not worse, for his smacktalk, so I weighed in:

Originally by: Damar Rocarion

Let us not forget that as outside entity, I-RED decided they had authority to police the militia “for outlaw elements”.

Let us not forget that as an outside entity, the Caldari militia decided they had authority to occupy Intaki without the express invitation of its inhabitants. The FDU would not have felt compelled to enter our sovereign space if not for the Caldari. The IPI and I-RED would be free to continue working toward our goals of securing Placid from pirate elements and establishing an independent Intaki state if we did not have to deal with this distraction.

I’m going to watch this discussion for the next while, and see what happens.

FreeIntaki Debate

For nearly a year now I’ve monitored the ILF’s public channel, FreeIntaki. Its intent is to be a freely-accessible comms stream for those of us in space to “discuss the security and politics of the Intaki system” on the fly. But often (at least when I’m actively paying attention) the channel is quiet or used for neutrals and blues to send greetings to one another.

Occasionally, however, the channel erupts into debate. In the past I have usually stayed quiet, feeling back then that my own opinion was not yet properly formed or that I would have little to contribute.

In the months since joining (and rejoining) ILF I’ve gathered a lot of experience here. I’ve spoken with my fellow pilots, I’ve listened to the Suresha and others, I’ve co-operated with our blues. I’ve killed a lot of pirates, mainly Serpentis (and always there are more of them, like a never-ending blight). I’ve been killed myself. I’ve seen and experienced firsthand the difficulties Intaki suffers from.

Today in FreeIntaki there was a debate regarding Intaki, and independence, and the role or value of the Federation. At the time it simply felt natural to weigh in as I did. But now, looking back at it, I’m actually finding myself somewhat surprised I had that much to say. When did I become so political?

I liked it.

Transcript follows.


Duripant VII – Moon 6 – Federal Navy Academy School

Sakaane sat on her favorite barstool in Deck 17 and scrolled through the Scope newsfeed in her datapad. A story caught her eye:

Recovering from the shock of defeat in Luminaire, sizeable sections of the Gallente populace have begun to call for integrity and accountability amongst Federation Navy leadership, a group they hold chiefly responsible for the disastrous military blunders of June 10.

Just one of many recent events representing a growing crisis of faith in their own security forces, yesterday’s “Citizen’s Emergency Summit” held in Villore saw more than a hundred prominent Federation luminaries unite in agreement about who was to be held ultimately accountable. Jointly hosted by some of the larger subsidiaries to the major Gallente corporations, the Summit was attended by various political officials, lobbyists and even cultural icons.

She chewed her dinner slowly and kept reading. A quote stood out:

“…We are undoubtedly dealing with entrenched, institutional corruption and incompetence, all of which has occurred under his watch. Our military leaders and their Chief of Command have failed us. We need to be sure now more than ever that this cannot happen again.”

“Entrenched, institutional corruption and incompetence,” Sakaane muttered, reading the article over again. “Sounds about right to me.”


Despite whatever else he might have been into, more and more I find myself reflecting upon Commander Halerit’s words of wisdom to me and my squadmates: “You can’t be caught with your pants down. The Caldari are out there.”

Violence on Caldari Prime continues and the Federation has achieved nothing in the way of getting Gallente citizens out, nor made any progress toward restoring peace between the empires.

We’ve been caught with our pants down a lot lately. Fed Intel seems incapable of halting these leaks, and in the meantime, more lives and equipment are lost. Our captains seem disheartened and distracted and disorganized; I found myself floating in my pod again after one particularly stupid set of orders came down which we all followed and all paid the price for. The Caldari start out knowing where we’re going to be and then we bungle it because the brass handle the engagements poorly. Pathetic.

I lay in my bunk at night and listen. All around me I hear whispers of discontent and I have to agree with much of the sentiment. This war is being fought for all the wrong reasons, and all because a few people made one too many bad decisions. Who pays the price? We do. Our crews do. Every time I undock I wonder if there’s a squid waiting for me and ask myself what the point is—not because I’m afraid to go out and fight, but because if they already know where we’re going to be and what we’re going to do, and we show up totally oblivious and end up shot down by them, then limp home, gear up, and then do it all over again…what is the point? What is it all for?

This war between the Gallente and the Caldari was never my fight. The Serpentis are still out there, still infecting Placid and Everyshore and who knows where else with their poison. I’ve been distracted from my path.

The Shortest War

The world has gone insane since the end of May. There is no better word. This isn’t war. It’s insanity.

Two days ago while the Minmatar continued to rain hell upon the Amarr, and then subsequently had some hell rained down upon them, a Caldari Navy task force crossed into Federation space, intent upon invading and reclaiming Caldari Prime for themselves. They brought a titan with them.

We scrambled to deploy. Comms were choked with distress signals from within the system. My squad only got as far as Algogille; the Caldari jammed up the gates on the Luminaire side with anti-ship mines. While we sat there, useless, word came the Senate had declared war on the State. Immediately after, Scope News reported the State Navy had begun bombarding Caldari Prime.

I felt sure someone would find a way to get us into Luminaire. After all, the State managed to get a Leviathan into the system, so we should have been able to get our own ships in too. But no, instead we were ordered deployed to the Caldari system of Tierijev.

It was madness when we arrived, chaos and confusion. Our forces were already fighting theirs near the gates. We were immediately ordered into combat. No one realized that in the time it had taken us to get there President Foiritan had ordered the navy to abandon the attack and stand down. The fighting went on until each side started to wise up to what had happened. But even as our side came under control and disengaged, the State forces kept after us. I lost my Vexor to a group of State Yumi pilots. My squadmates were able to save my pod and salvage the wreck.

There was stunned silence on the battlefield as the president’s orders to stand down replayed over our comms. Even as we were still forming up to vacate the system, another report came in saying Tibus Heth had conquered Caldari Prime and President Foiritan had ceded control of the planet to him.

None of my crew survived the explosion of my ship. As far as I know, no crews of any other ships, Federation or State, that were lost in the Tierijev conflict survived either. What was this all for? I understand our orders, and the countermands, were issued before the Scope got hold of them, and there is going to be something of a communications lag while ships are in transit. But even so… A horrible loss of life today, all for nothing.

Literally for nothing. This is why this is insane. We declared—no. No. The Federation (for I am not and will never consider myself Gallente, most especially after this!) declared war and then President Foiritan didn’t have the guts to see it through. The news suggests the president had some dealings directly with Heth and while preventing war in and of itself should always have been the goal, this entire situation reeks of back-door dealings and underhanded shenanigans. The State was allowed to have the run of Luminaire and in the end the Federation meekly handed it over to them. In the meantime ships have been destroyed, people are dead, the planet itself was bombarded…! There’s a blasted titan parked in orbit over Caldari Prime! And the State just gets what it wants.

I’ve read history. I understand the Gallente forced the Caldari off their homeworld, and the Caldari were not completely innocent regarding why that happened. But there is something seriously wrong here if these two cultures, even after so long, are so corrupt and so selfish and so incredibly childish that neither can grasp enough maturity and respect from the wells of their souls to find any other method to solve their differences and air grievances than this.

And what of the entire invasion? Is the Federal Intelligence Office really so inept that they didn’t have any kind of clue that this was going to happen? The State can simply decide to whip up its ships and park a titan in Federation space and no one gets a hint beforehand? I wrote before about how a complex operation like Exercise ‘Brotherhood’ would have taken a great deal of time to plan. You can’t tell me invading a high-security system like Luminaire including finding a way to get a titan through is anything that any navy could just cobble together in five minutes. Please!

Now CONCORD has enacted the Emergency Militia War Powers Act under pressure from the four empires in reaction to the events of June 10. It authorizes the “immediate and unconditional formation of capsuleer militias among the nation-state members of the CONCORD Assembly for the purpose of waging uncontested war within the boundaries of empire space”. Why anyone thinks this is a good idea I cannot fathom. This decision was pushed through the same day the Federation first declared war and then abandoned it, the same day the Federation surrendered Caldari Prime to the State, the same day the Minmatar and the Amarr once more tried to annihilate one another. Did no one stop to consider that perhaps it might be wise to step back and wait at least a day to get some perspective on all of this? It smacks of knee-jerk, adrenaline-fueled panic rather than rational consideration for a prudent course of action, and what will happen? More people will die.

No sooner had this war act been put in place than it was revealed the State had secretly colonized a region of space called Black Rise, forever changing the Gallente-Caldari border. Black Rise connects with Placid in a few systems not far from Intaki, which puts my homeworld at risk.

The media continues to burst with news reports from all empires and everyone is reeling. President Foiritan’s leadership has been called into question, and good thing too. His speech earlier this evening is a travesty and a joke considering the decisions he made just forty-eight hours ago.

Meanwhile, the fighting continues, and the fools dare to sound proud of their “achievements”.

This isn’t what I signed on for.