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Tag: cynosic fibrosis


Verge Vendor Region – Ancbeu Constellation – Scolluzer System

The warp tunnel collapsed; a stargate loomed into view above Sakaane’s ship, dwarfing the battered Griffin-class frigate she’d bought from a salvage yard in Agoze. Abandoned on a battlefield where a capsuleer and Serpentis pirates had recently clashed, the ship was badly damaged and just barely functional. Yet it was all she had been able to afford. A shuttle was beyond her budget and she wouldn’t risk taking a commercial passenger transport.

Never again.

The burly man who sold the wrecked Griffin to her had been happy to be rid of what he called a “worthless hunk of squiddy metal” for the meager price she offered. He’d shrugged when she’d asked if it would hold together through seven jumps from Intaki.

“Mebbe,” he’d drawled, “if yer real lucky an don’t meet no pirates.” The salvage yard wasn’t terribly well-equipped; he’d pulled out a dusty paper map of the area. “You figurin on goin through Ost direct ta high security empire? Bad idea, that. Stac gate there usually camped.” He pointed. “Better ta use this gate here.”

He’d shrugged again when she protested about the course change adding another jump to the trip. “It’s yer life. Either way ya gotta figure some way ta fly this boat first. There ain’t no pod innit, an you ain’t no pod pilot.”

True, but that was the entire purpose of the journey. Becoming a capsuleer had never occurred to her before; she was Intaki, content to remain an artisan singing songs for her modest following, until Serpentis pirates had ruined it all. Now she was determined and had quickly learned from any pilot and mechanic willing to teach her how to rig the former pod ship for manual controls good enough to get by.

I will have my revenge.

Going to Stacmon!

I’m leaving today for Stacmon. I’ve waited months for the talent event Quafe is putting on. Finally, a chance to be heard! Some of the best talent scouts in the region will be there. I’ve been practicing day and night for weeks and am sure I’ve picked my best songs. The fans at home are very excited for me. Some of them have pledged to be there to cheer me on!

My parents and brothers are coming with me. It will be nice to have them along for support. I know I can do this, but I can’t help being nervous. There will be many other talented singers at the event too, and all of them wanting to be “discovered” just as much as I do. What would it be like to one day be on the top of the Egonics Charts?

This is the first time anyone in my family other than my father has left Intaki. If it weren’t for the fact this is my chance to really make a career out of my music, I don’t believe he would have let me go, never mind made a family trip out of it. He still maintains we have no business with anything beyond the homeworld. I wonder what space will be like?

The pamphlet we received about cynosic fibrosis has Mother in quite a frenzy; she went out and bought what I’d guess is a year’s supply of Jump-eez even though the pamphlet says the liner company supplies anti-cynosis drugs for each of us free of charge. She’s certain she and the boys will be quite sick. I think I’ll be too excited to notice!

I’m not sure how far it really is to Stacmon… Our travel passes say only three or four gates, depending on system conditions, and that once we leave the station it should only take about an hour to get to Stacmon. I guess we have to wait at each gate for higher priority traffic to clear first and there will be customs checks for each system we pass through. Even so, it doesn’t sound like very far to go, even though I know Stacmon is many light-years from Intaki.

There’s another pamphlet that warns us we’re travelling through low-security space and that while the liner company takes all the precautions it can, they’re not responsible for anything that might happen to us between Intaki and Stacmon. Father has kept this pamphlet to himself and signed the waiver on behalf of the family…but I saw it in his desk yesterday. It makes me nervous too. I wish I knew more about what’s out there. I’m glad Mother hasn’t seen that pamphlet.