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Tag: combat

Revisiting Sec Status

In August of 2014 I wrote a post called EVE Unbalanced – The Sandbox is a Lie and in one part of it I explored an idea of how player security status could potentially be made more meaningful. I still think the idea has merit and is a change worth making to reduce EVE Online’s “villain” bias so “hero” play can be more integrated and more visibly represented in the game. Having sat on the idea now for two and a half years, I’d like to expand on it a little, particularly in light of other small mechanic changes CCP has introduced recently.

Standings toward NPC corps now have additional practical application thanks to the new mining fleets. I was really excited about this; it creates new and worthwhile motivation for players to engage in PVE and even to be more choosy about which corps they PVE for. Great! While standings are a totally separate thing to sec status, the mining fleets elegantly demonstrate how CCP can make a relatively small change to an existing mechanic that results in reasonably meaningful impact for lots of players.

So what about sec status? The issue I lamented about before still exists: PVPers are unilaterally punished by CONCORD in the form of sec status hits regardless of the sec status of their target (excluding criminal flags or combat in lawless space). Still dumb overall, while positive sec only being obtainable via PVE continues to foster the nasty and toxic attitudes that exist about positive sec, PVE, and carebears.

War and IPI

This article was originally posted on October 12, 2014. I recently submitted it for consideration to the WarDec Project being undertaken by members of the EVE community. Today, Crossing Zebras published Lore Wars, which posits some very interesting ideas about how the war dec mechanic could be changed, partially inspired by my post below. Go read it! Well worth the time. Thanks to Jason Quixos for the shout out! ♥

Another war rages on against the Intaki Prosperity Initiative.

Not a great war report.

Not a great war report.

And by “rages on”, what I actually mean is, “ILF got some in-game notifications about it but we’re ignoring them and going about our usual business”. Public-Enemy dec’d IPI for the second time in as many months just so they could shoot the customs offices ILF owned in the Placid hisec island. Power to them I guess, if hisec structure grinding floats their boat. If they (or their client, if there is one) wanted the offices that badly they could have just offered to buy them from us to save time and ammo. We weren’t making any ISK off them anyway. :p I shrug and hope they enjoyed shooting them.

I recognize that wars (“lol griefer” or otherwise) are part of PVP in EVE. I chose to give my time to this universe where people can destroy my stuff, even in hisec, whenever they feel like it. IPI by design is smack in the middle of one of the hottest PVP areas of Gallente space simply because of Intaki. That’s just how it is, and it isn’t going to change. After all, we wouldn’t be the Intaki Prosperity Initiative if we moved somewhere else. Everyone will always know where to find us. We will always be a target of one kind or another because of where we live and who we are.

Will we ever be an “elite” PVP alliance? Thousands of kills in a month? Wicked ISK efficiency? Probably not. Sure, I want to be a capable PVP pilot (yes, I know that means I actually have to undock!) and have people in my alliance who are capable at it too. I want my guys to have good fights and enjoy combat. But IPI being able to unzip some crazy PVP e-peen? That’s not why I play EVE.

EVE Unbalanced – The Sandbox is a Lie

I recently came across a blog post titled “Be the Hero; Not the Villain” by Mabrick. Before reading further, go read his article first.

Here’s a quote:

…people who just want to have fun, not at someone else’s expense, are leaving the ship like rats.

I want to have fun in EVE Online. I do want to be some flavor of hero in New Eden. I want my corporation and my alliance to be something that allows other people to have fun, too. But my definition of fun is not “being a pirate”. It’s definitely not “ruining other people’s gameplay because lulz” (and let me be clear that I acknowledge players can be the villain/pirate/bad guy without also being assholes. Unfortunately, more and more the two seem to go hand-in-hand anyway).


Six days on in the war. Despite the resolve I felt at the beginning, and several engagements where we managed to get a kill here or there, I’m feeling…discouraged. VKYR have proven adept at out-maneuvering us on most occasions, and baiting us into traps which, in hindsight, we should have seen coming.

Maybe I’m not cut out for this. I look back on the last half year and don’t see a lot to be proud of. This war is just the latest example. There’s really no reason for the situation to have spiralled out of control like it has. I’m disappointed in myself. I like to believe I’m a reasonable woman but this last week has tested my limits. I’ve lashed out a few times at people I shouldn’t have. I’m angry at me, I’m angry at them, I’m angry at the enemy. There’s so much going on. So much I worry about.

Late at night, when I should be sleeping but aren’t, I ask myself, did I do this? I have to protect my people and make the best decisions I can even if those decisions have uncomfortable consequences. But the more I try to get involved and do the right thing, the worse things seem to get.

I ended up speaking to James Syagrius about it. I’m not sure I meant to lean on him like that but it was good to talk to someone and it was nice that he listened.

I want to believe his offer of assistance will make a difference, but right now I feel like nothing will help us.

Transcript follows.

Minmatar Freedom Fighters declare war on Intaki Freedom Fighters…?

The Intaki Prosperity Initiative received a declaration of war today from the most unlikely corner: Valkyr Industries, a member of the Minmatar militia.

To say this is a mess is a gross understatement. Why the war was declared wasn’t clear at the outset and the more I got into it the more murky and confused things became. At first it seemed to have been issued because one or more of my pilots responded to assist FCO pilots when FCO was attacked by VKYR pilots in Intaki.

But no. The actual reason is, to put it bluntly, so incredibly…stupid

Transcripts follow.


Thanks to Morwen Lagann for assisting with the battle.

Intaki System – Intaki VI – Asteroid Belt 1

The Serpentis squad leader’s hull disintegrated into a ball of fire just as another group of ships warped into view.

Sakaane toggled her ship’s internal comm. “We’re earning our keep today. Prepare to engage new hostiles.”

Vakkas ki Shaanti turned in a graceful arc and sped its way across the belt while the newcomers closed the distance. Warnings sounded as each Serpentis vessel targeted her ship. Locking them up, Sakaane counted: one each of a Chief Guard, Chief Infantry, and Chief Safeguard, while behind them lumbered a Port Admiral.

No doubt dispatched to investigate my handiwork, she thought with a smirk. After yet another day spent dealing with Layla in council, Sakaane had returned home to find Bataav absent, out of system on diplomatic matters. The corp offices were quiet and the system, as was occasionally wont to happen, deserted of other capsuleers. Sakaane had thus taken the opportunity to patrol the belts to blow off steam. A long line of wrecks scattered across the system plus the numerous bounty payouts in her wallet had served to bring a more satisfying end to an otherwise bothersome day.

ILF Wars

In the last two weeks ILF fought two wars. If they can be called wars…

It started about a month ago when one of our industrial pilots was attacked by a member of the Caldari militia. She’d been mining peacefully in deep space; the aggressor scanned her down and engaged without provocation.

Mammal demanded reparations but despite Damar’s insistence that Super Chair’s actions were not sanctioned, Hell’s Revenge refused to pay and called us out as valid targets as long as we continue to assist I-RED. They refused to negotiate blue standings with us and indicated they would advocate against us with the other militia corps.

Following that, the Suresha made a statement on IGS while the corp began to discuss our position and handling of militia corporations.

I pushed for a full review. It’s true that ILF has negotiated blue standings with many of the local militia entities but neither side has any claim to Intaki space. They should only go where they are invited. And while it’s admirable to strive for non-hostile relations with the militias, blue standings are only worthwhile insofar as the militias (or any other group, really) which are granted them also respect what they mean and uphold their end of the bargain. If they only pay us lip service because it’s easy to click a button within their friend/foe registry, and then otherwise continue on as before by disrupting our space and even occasionally shooting down our pilots, the blue standing has done nothing for us except make us their floor mat, since of course we don’t shoot blues.


You win some, you lose some…

…and sometimes you fall flat on your face. Like this!

Last night I was out in Intaki scouting around in my (cloaked) Purifier. At some point Bataav decided to take his Myrm out and sit about 200km above Astral 5-5. We were watching for a couple of neutrals flying a Typhoon and a Scorp.

While up there, Strider Hiryu from KWFL landed on the station in a Hurricane on the side opposite the undock and sat there. After a while the Typhoon and the Scorp landed on the undock. No real activity for a bit until Strider docked up and then immediately undocked into the other two but we couldn’t tell what was going on so I warped down to 100km to get a better view.

Strider was bumping the Scorp and the two neuts eventually just warped off, leaving Bataav alone above the station, still at 200km or so.

I knew, I knew, at this point I should have returned to FedMart to nab my Harb, but, no, I ignored my gut and stayed put in the Purifier. This, most definitely, was my first mistake. Must learn to trust my instincts…

Bataav signalled me on comms: “Ok I’m next then,” and not a moment later, Strider pounced. I turned around to warp back up to him, but…

Mistake number two. Neither of us was watching Local. By the time I got back up there, Freshman2, also of KWFL, had warped in on Bataav in a Rapier.


I participated in a joint I-RED and ILF fleet op last night. It turned out to be the largest capsuleer fleet I’ve been in to date; eight of us plus lots of I-RED and a few others for a group of twenty in all. Alas, there was no joy as we patrolled, which I suppose is good in that the systems were not crawling with undesirables. I-RED took us into nullsec and we didn’t find any targets there either.

A surprise was waiting for us when we arrived in Vlillirier and Alsavoinon: a forty-plus ship fleet fielded by Wildly Inappropriate on both sides of the gate:

OMG it’s a blob!

OMG it’s a blob!

OMG it’s a bigger blob!

OMG it’s a bigger blob!

Just about everyone in our fleet escaped. I had to burn back to gate in the hope of making it through to break the enemy’s lock; I’d been targeted and thankfully hits only started landing just as I jumped. I-RED escorted us back to Intaki after that and we docked up for a break.

Devan meant to join us at this point, but while the rest of us were still in station he was jumped at the Agoze gate in Intaki and lost his Hurricane.

Mammal decided to take us back out again right away for a jaunt through Placid. We ran through the Intaki sov systems a few times, and coming through Agoze found a Maelstrom sitting on the Ost gate. He targeted the fleet but didn’t engage, and neither did we. It was kind of a staring contest, all our battlecruisers hanging idle around a battleship, waiting for someone to flinch first. I started to wonder if anything would happen at all.

In the end, the Maelstrom flinched first and it was on! He was shield repping pretty fast so Mammal ordered us to overload, and in the end we got him. Another final blow for me, too!

Too bad hammerof thegods, a red who appeared and whored in on the fight, got away. It would have been nice to add his name to today’s kill list. Next time…

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

Ah, sweet revenge, how I love your delicate flavor.

I regularly make patrols of the Intaki belts. Serpentis are often found in them apparently lying in wait to harass miners, and I’m happy to use the pirates for target practice. By the time I arrived at VII B2 I’d had several engagements and my ship’s armor was down by thirty percent.

I’d just cleared the belt and was preparing to warp back to station to repair when Thingymawotzit of KWFL jumped in system. By chance or by design, he warped into the belt about thirty klicks from me just as I was getting aligned and up to speed. My trajectory brought me toward him, and his MWD ensured the gap closed so he could get his scram on me.

Thingymawotzit was in the gang that blew me up at the POS on Friday night so I was determined to get him once he forced the battle. He launched drones, I launched drones, and it was on.

The battle was very close… Bataav attempted to come to my rescue but in the heat of the moment I slipped up and provided incorrect coordinates. I think if I hadn’t overloaded my guns it’s possible Thingymawotzit could have taken me out considering the advantage he had due to my ship’s preexisting damage. I had only five percent armor left when he popped.

When I reported the engagement later I was told I’d just downed KWFL’s best pilot. This was my first solo kill.