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Tag: calnavy

We’re All Aglow in Intaki

I went out this evening to haul some corporation goods into Intaki. When I arrived home, I was implored by my pilots to quickly bring a ship out to where they’d pointed, lost, and then re-pointed Foley Aberas Jones, a Sergeant Major with the Caldari militia, at a district satellite over Intaki Prime.

Except...they asked me to bring a launcher and load it with some…non-standard ammunition. Curious as to what mischief my people had gotten themselves into, I did as I was asked.

Hilarity ensued, for the better part of an hour.

Transcript follows.

ILF Wars

In the last two weeks ILF fought two wars. If they can be called wars…

It started about a month ago when one of our industrial pilots was attacked by a member of the Caldari militia. She’d been mining peacefully in deep space; the aggressor scanned her down and engaged without provocation.

Mammal demanded reparations but despite Damar’s insistence that Super Chair’s actions were not sanctioned, Hell’s Revenge refused to pay and called us out as valid targets as long as we continue to assist I-RED. They refused to negotiate blue standings with us and indicated they would advocate against us with the other militia corps.

Following that, the Suresha made a statement on IGS while the corp began to discuss our position and handling of militia corporations.

I pushed for a full review. It’s true that ILF has negotiated blue standings with many of the local militia entities but neither side has any claim to Intaki space. They should only go where they are invited. And while it’s admirable to strive for non-hostile relations with the militias, blue standings are only worthwhile insofar as the militias (or any other group, really) which are granted them also respect what they mean and uphold their end of the bargain. If they only pay us lip service because it’s easy to click a button within their friend/foe registry, and then otherwise continue on as before by disrupting our space and even occasionally shooting down our pilots, the blue standing has done nothing for us except make us their floor mat, since of course we don’t shoot blues.

War In Intaki

For lack of much else to do in my downtime I’ve started poking into the Intergalactic Summit. Bataav, Mammal, and the Suresha seem to spend a lot of time there promoting ILF’s cause and recently it was commented by someone how it would be nice to have more voices from the corp lending support. To date I’ve not had many occasions to really look for myself. Most of the time I’ve been too busy, and IGS tends to move quickly.

Today, though, I took notice of this post by Seriphyn Inhonores.

I’ve met him only once, just recently. I happened to be back up at Astral to tend to a few things and, as always, was monitoring FreeIntaki at the same time. He was monitoring too. Other people have spoken of him from time to time of course, so I wasn’t completely oblivious to his identity. And there he was, the “great” Seriphyn Inhonores, in all his glory:

Seriphyn Inhonores > Jezebel Danae, my god woman… Your bust has about the same depth as your torso!
Jezebel Danae > Yea, and your point is?
Seriphyn Inhonores > Er.
Jezebel Danae > Didn’t think so.
Sakaane Eionell > Doesn’t always pay to be a typical man, does it, Commander?

It seems most people call him “General” but when I reviewed his public profile, his rank was displayed only as “Commander”. Given his opening remarks, I had no intention of affording him respect he didn’t honestly appear worthy of or entitled to. Still, at the time I decided to be polite since I didn’t actually know him.

Seriphyn Inhonores > I was expressing shock, not lust…!
Tahni Midari > Some women simply have…um…those sorts of genetics.
Jezebel Danae > Cause I’m skinny and have large breasts? What’s so shocking about that?

He looked to me after that and said:

Seriphyn Inhonores > Seems like you know who I am, but I’m ’fraid that’s not reciprocated.

I remember I took a moment to think about how I wanted to respond to him. He’s a militia pilot and a patriot of the Federation, obviously a polar opposite in many ways to myself.

Sakaane Eionell > Your reputation precedes you, sir.

It’s really too bad that tone doesn’t always transmit terribly well over public comms channels. Seriphyn has a reputation, certainly. Doesn’t mean I consider it a good one…but apparently he does, because the channel registered him coughing and blushing visibly after my comment.

There was more to that encounter but it’s a story for another time. Anyway, reading over his post on IGS today elicited similar feelings. I didn’t much care for his pot-shot against IPI and I-RED for not doing anything in the Intaki sov to stave off the militias, and Damar Rocarion is just as bad, if not worse, for his smacktalk, so I weighed in:

Originally by: Damar Rocarion

Let us not forget that as outside entity, I-RED decided they had authority to police the militia “for outlaw elements”.

Let us not forget that as an outside entity, the Caldari militia decided they had authority to occupy Intaki without the express invitation of its inhabitants. The FDU would not have felt compelled to enter our sovereign space if not for the Caldari. The IPI and I-RED would be free to continue working toward our goals of securing Placid from pirate elements and establishing an independent Intaki state if we did not have to deal with this distraction.

I’m going to watch this discussion for the next while, and see what happens.

Defense of Prosperity Station

I’m laughing. POD never showed. Well, not until much later, after I-RED departed, and even then only Lodik smacked ineffectively in Local.

The defense today had over one hundred pilots in Intaki when Prosperity Station’s reinforcement timer ended. I’ve never seen it that crowded. There were twenty of us from the corp out there working on the POS, and sixty altogether in the ILF/I-RED fleet to defend the station.

Certain portions of both the Gallente and Caldari militias were present too. Interesting to see them both flying side by side us and each other all in defense of our station against pirate scum, although as the minutes ticked by the militias understandably grew uneasy. FDU in particular degenerated into their own smack of the State rather than actually doing much to help us. I suppose it’s the thought that counts but then…I wonder how much thought they had?

AncientGuardian assigned me permissions to fuel the POS in the future. I’ll need to remember to get some instruction on how to do that.


A cloud of allies

Early on while we were armor repping, Muppet Ninjas and KWFL warped in on us. I lost my Armageddon and then my pod, because after my ship exploded my capsule’s systems were overwhelmed and got stuck in a systems calibration loop. I was a sitting duck.

I’ve never been podded before. I might have taken more time to reflect on the experience when I woke up a few moments after the blow that split my capsule open, if not for the rage and urgency I felt when I realized that a system error occurred and instead of waking up in the spare clone I had prepared ahead of time in Intaki, I was in…Stacmon!

I’m not sure what the technicians or station security thought as my naked body streaked past as I ran to the nearest hangar. I don’t even remember the trip back to Intaki but I made it back unscathed.

No one from Comic Mischief showed up other than ShiftKey. He managed to recover my corpse (oh joy) before the POS blew him up… But the militia pilots who had shown up to “help” us salvaged the Armageddon and took the rest.

After that there were no more fireworks in system before I turned in for the night. A great deal of us, including pilots from I-RED, basically spent the time repping the POS and that was it.

It’s Getting Crowded

Lately there’s been a lot of militia movement in Intaki, too much for my comfort. Since joining ILF I’ve based out of Astral, where HQ is located. But given the rising aggression I decided to move to a different station in case Astral gets camped. No good if we’re all bottled up in the same place.

I raised some concerns to the corp recently regarding the militias and our ROE. Some of the mandates in the ROE make no sense to me and it’s still difficult, almost impossible, to operate effectively in Intaki with all these hostile pilots about when so few of our pilots are actually around.

I’m reminded once again of how things were in TGPI, except this time there are other active pilots…they’re just scattered.

I’m at the bottom of the ladder in ILF yet I was still welcomed to contribute my opinion and it was considered fairly along with opinions of other pilots. Even if leadership doesn’t accept any of my recommendations, it’s still very refreshing to participate in a well-handled, thoughtful discussion with peers who actually give a damn about how the corp itself functions and how we can all work together to make it better.

Now if we can just do something about these militia hooligans…

Intaki and the Ishukone Question

The news this month about Tibus Heth’s auction, the panic on Intaki Prime in response, and the revelation that Ishukone Corporation has won development rights has not been good.

It wasn’t enough for the Caldari to regain their homeworld, which they did. No, they’ve rampaged on and become the very monster they wanted to destroy. Never mind that the squids treat my homeland and the homelands of billions of other people across New Eden as a mere commodity, to be bought and sold no different than flour or a chair. The thought is so disgusting and offensive that for now I have to consciously not talk about it for the absolute rage it conjures within me. (And people say the Intaki are stoic by nature?)

A long time ago I wrote about Otro Gariushi, then-CEO of Ishukone, and how he was a sole ray of hope for the Caldari State. But he was killed and the hope he brought with him was lost. Now Mens Reppola is in charge, and I understand this man was a close confidant of Gariushi’s. But nevertheless I am nervous. Even if Ishukone is the least of all potential evils to have “won” Intaki, it still remains a State megacorporation first and foremost.

What will they do to my beloved jewel? Will they ruin it, turn it into another Caldari Prime, a worthless rock with no beauty or warmth? Ishukone favors technology; will they see Intaki Prime as a source of materials and strip it bare in a relentless search for their next lucrative patent?

They can’t, they mustn’t… If Caldari Prime was as important to them as they say, surely the Caldari must understand Intaki’s importance to my people. Surely?

I have not yet said this to Devan, but I’m thinking about going back to Intaki now more than ever. I need to go home. I feel helpless out here, and things are spiralling out of control there. But I’m not sure what I would do when I got there or even if anything I could do would be of any help. I’m one person against such an enemy…and that, perhaps, is the only thing keeping me from leaving this very minute. That…and I think Devan wouldn’t go with me. TGPI is still struggling and he is committed to keeping the corporation afloat. I would feel guilty for abandoning him.

For now…I’ll wait to see what Ishukone does, and hope they are a blessing in disguise.

Caldari Militia Claim Last Gallente System

The last of the contested Federation systems fell to the Caldari militia today.

The level of dismay around here is palpable. Conversations overheard in lifts are troubled and worried, and everyone you see simply looks disappointed.

Devan and I both are glad we did not re-enlist to be part of this disgrace. Neither of us feels it would have made any difference if we had. I’m reminded of this news report. It seems that in a year they have continued on with their policy of disastrous military blunders, and now billions of people living in occupied territory have to suffer for it.

Njal has always believed Intaki should oust those who oppress or neglect it, and stand alone as it once did. Now, more than ever, I agree. The State and the Federation both have no business in Intaki. It may have been the Federation assisted my people at one time, bringing us to the stars and so on, and in return so many of us gave up our traditional beliefs and way of life to integrate with and contribute to Gallente society.

But this should end now. The Federation is obviously inept at doing anything about the plight of one of its founding members. The occupation should not have been suffered to stand for as long as it has, and what improvement has there been? None, and they don’t seem to care much about that. The squids gloat and laugh and make my people pay the price for Caldari vengeance.

And where is the FDU in all of this? Where are the commanders to whip the ranks into shape? What good is the militia if they are only a bunch of lollygagging pilots who wish only for easy kills so they can put another notch in their belts? Pathetic. CONCORD should put an end to this, should revoke the militia act and tell each of these squabbling empires to deal with their differences like intelligent human beings, not neanderthals with clubs.

Intaki Shortages

I knew this would happen. The Caldari purport themselves to be “so much better” than the Gallente, that they have come along to “rescue” Intaki from the Federation, and yet since “gracing” my people with their presence, shortages are spreading in Intaki. For now it is limited to high-tech goods, but how long before they run out of other supplies like in the other occupied zones? How long before people are starving in the streets? And still the threat of invasion looms.

Do the Caldari actually believe themselves when they open their mouths to utter their nonsense? How is the current status of Intaki in any way, shape, or form, better than it was before? Now there are pirates on top of pirates!


The Caldari have occupied Intaki.

Why? Why? What possible use is my homeland to them?!

My mother… I can’t get through to anyone anywhere thanks to a comms blackout. The news says some people at home are reacting violently and I can’t blame them, but that’s about all anyone knows. Those filthy squids are running rampant through my home, my system, my world, and will be killing my people! I wanted to re-enlist, I wanted to go down there and kill them all myself for daring to come within ten light-years of Intaki! Devan, he said it nearly made him want to re-enlist too…

I tried to leave, I tried to go home. Devan grabbed me to keep me from going. He said he understood how I felt…he said, “They were nasty about it, but at least Luminaire was theirs to begin with.” Occupying Intaki is another matter entirely… Federation neglect at home has done enough harm without adding “pillaging conquerors”, as he put it, to the mix! I was angry and hurt and frantic with worry and I didn’t want to listen to him at all.

But he was right when he told me it would do no good for Mom or Intaki if he or I rushed off recklessly and eventually I calmed to his reason. Re-enlisting would solve nothing: we’d get posted wherever the brass deigned, not where we wanted. I know he is right…and more Federation military action in Intaki isn’t the answer.

The Shortest War

The world has gone insane since the end of May. There is no better word. This isn’t war. It’s insanity.

Two days ago while the Minmatar continued to rain hell upon the Amarr, and then subsequently had some hell rained down upon them, a Caldari Navy task force crossed into Federation space, intent upon invading and reclaiming Caldari Prime for themselves. They brought a titan with them.

We scrambled to deploy. Comms were choked with distress signals from within the system. My squad only got as far as Algogille; the Caldari jammed up the gates on the Luminaire side with anti-ship mines. While we sat there, useless, word came the Senate had declared war on the State. Immediately after, Scope News reported the State Navy had begun bombarding Caldari Prime.

I felt sure someone would find a way to get us into Luminaire. After all, the State managed to get a Leviathan into the system, so we should have been able to get our own ships in too. But no, instead we were ordered deployed to the Caldari system of Tierijev.

It was madness when we arrived, chaos and confusion. Our forces were already fighting theirs near the gates. We were immediately ordered into combat. No one realized that in the time it had taken us to get there President Foiritan had ordered the navy to abandon the attack and stand down. The fighting went on until each side started to wise up to what had happened. But even as our side came under control and disengaged, the State forces kept after us. I lost my Vexor to a group of State Yumi pilots. My squadmates were able to save my pod and salvage the wreck.

There was stunned silence on the battlefield as the president’s orders to stand down replayed over our comms. Even as we were still forming up to vacate the system, another report came in saying Tibus Heth had conquered Caldari Prime and President Foiritan had ceded control of the planet to him.

None of my crew survived the explosion of my ship. As far as I know, no crews of any other ships, Federation or State, that were lost in the Tierijev conflict survived either. What was this all for? I understand our orders, and the countermands, were issued before the Scope got hold of them, and there is going to be something of a communications lag while ships are in transit. But even so… A horrible loss of life today, all for nothing.

Literally for nothing. This is why this is insane. We declared—no. No. The Federation (for I am not and will never consider myself Gallente, most especially after this!) declared war and then President Foiritan didn’t have the guts to see it through. The news suggests the president had some dealings directly with Heth and while preventing war in and of itself should always have been the goal, this entire situation reeks of back-door dealings and underhanded shenanigans. The State was allowed to have the run of Luminaire and in the end the Federation meekly handed it over to them. In the meantime ships have been destroyed, people are dead, the planet itself was bombarded…! There’s a blasted titan parked in orbit over Caldari Prime! And the State just gets what it wants.

I’ve read history. I understand the Gallente forced the Caldari off their homeworld, and the Caldari were not completely innocent regarding why that happened. But there is something seriously wrong here if these two cultures, even after so long, are so corrupt and so selfish and so incredibly childish that neither can grasp enough maturity and respect from the wells of their souls to find any other method to solve their differences and air grievances than this.

And what of the entire invasion? Is the Federal Intelligence Office really so inept that they didn’t have any kind of clue that this was going to happen? The State can simply decide to whip up its ships and park a titan in Federation space and no one gets a hint beforehand? I wrote before about how a complex operation like Exercise ‘Brotherhood’ would have taken a great deal of time to plan. You can’t tell me invading a high-security system like Luminaire including finding a way to get a titan through is anything that any navy could just cobble together in five minutes. Please!

Now CONCORD has enacted the Emergency Militia War Powers Act under pressure from the four empires in reaction to the events of June 10. It authorizes the “immediate and unconditional formation of capsuleer militias among the nation-state members of the CONCORD Assembly for the purpose of waging uncontested war within the boundaries of empire space”. Why anyone thinks this is a good idea I cannot fathom. This decision was pushed through the same day the Federation first declared war and then abandoned it, the same day the Federation surrendered Caldari Prime to the State, the same day the Minmatar and the Amarr once more tried to annihilate one another. Did no one stop to consider that perhaps it might be wise to step back and wait at least a day to get some perspective on all of this? It smacks of knee-jerk, adrenaline-fueled panic rather than rational consideration for a prudent course of action, and what will happen? More people will die.

No sooner had this war act been put in place than it was revealed the State had secretly colonized a region of space called Black Rise, forever changing the Gallente-Caldari border. Black Rise connects with Placid in a few systems not far from Intaki, which puts my homeworld at risk.

The media continues to burst with news reports from all empires and everyone is reeling. President Foiritan’s leadership has been called into question, and good thing too. His speech earlier this evening is a travesty and a joke considering the decisions he made just forty-eight hours ago.

Meanwhile, the fighting continues, and the fools dare to sound proud of their “achievements”.

This isn’t what I signed on for.