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Why Mens Reppola Was Misquoted

Or, Why Mens Reppola Lied (Maybe)

In EVE I roleplay a secessionist trying to gain independence for Intaki and its associated colonies, for a variety of reasons. My character is particularly fond of and patriotic to her homeworld.

Recently, an in-character news story (edit: the official link is unfortunately dead now due to changes CCP made to their website. A mirror posting of the story can be found here) was released that touched on events happening in Intaki. When originally published, this news story had CEO Mens Reppola saying:

“The Intaki solar system is the exclusive property of the Ishukone corporation.”

CEO Mens Reppola’s comment in the news article is significant because Intaki is one system of many where an unending war is being fought. Three years ago, one side, the Caldari State, was able to take and temporarily hold all the territory sanctioned for this war from the opposing side, the Gallente Federation. During this time of occupation, the leader of the State decided he would auction “development and exploration rights” of the occupied territories to the leading megacorporations in the State.

The megacorporation which won rights to Intaki was Ishukone.

Conference Reflections

Today I attended the I-RED Tea and Press Conference at their headquarters in Malkalen.

The event was well-planned and security well-enforced. As advertised, I-RED had invited a colorful array of individuals, many of whom I know only by reputation, such as Verone, Tiberious Thessalonia, Istvaan Shogaatsu and many others. Jev North was there, too. There was some excitement but no one was shot in the end.

Morwen Lagann gave a fabulous violin performance. It made me wonder if I will ever be able to pick up my music again. Maybe one day she and I can play together…

I-RED Tea and Press Conference

This ficlet is based directly on chatlogs from the in-game event hosted by I-RED, but retooled as a narrative from Sakaane’s point of view.
Some portions of dialogue or actions by other characters at the event are not represented, because Sakaane didn’t eavesdrop on everyone. :)

En Route to Malkalen V – Moon 1 – Ishukone Corporation Factory

I-RED has been in full operation for three years and we would like to thank those leaders and allies who have made it possible with a grand ceremony. Through hardship and prosperity, I-RED has endured these long years and made a name for itself as a forward thinker and fighter for Free Trade and greater CONCORD authority in the cluster. The vision of one man turned into the dream and cause of many, and I-RED will continue to forge new relations among all four empires and beyond—all while helping to expand the influence of law and order to regions lacking.

The information stream flowed past Sakaane’s mind’s eye. Her implants automatically decoded the data, effortlessly reforming the otherwise incoherent bits into ordered words and language the organic part of her brain would understand.

Outside, a warp tunnel formed and then eventually collapsed. The hull she was plugged into was an Amarr shuttle affectionately called Firefly and it steered itself toward the stargate. She paid it scant attention. The fastest route to Malkalen from Intaki was mostly lowsec, but today, due to the handful of baseliner passengers on the shuttle with her, she had chosen to go via Stacmon which made the journey mostly through hisec. The passengers had gladly taken advantage of the opportunity she’d offered to go so far and so quickly compared to normal transports.

Trust Issues

We’ve been busy. Council sessions continue to play out more along the lines of a circus of hostility. It’s ridiculous, the amount of juvenile baloney that goes on. I never expected grade-school level name-calling would be something I’d experience as president, but there it is. Politics at its best? I’ve tried (somewhat unsuccessfully) not to show it in chambers but my stress level is higher than it’s ever been and my patience is wearing thin.

Tongue Wars

Tongue Wars

Given the antics today, in hindsight it was obviously not the best time to bring it up but Bataav and I had a…conversation…about his team. I confronted him with what Aranza told me regarding their background and questioned what it means considering he told me he worked with them before he became a capsuleer. I listed off a few other, unrelated, odd things he’s mentioned (let slip?).

He told me, finally, what it all means. The truth. Probably still not the whole truth, which was another matter entirely that we argued about with no resolution.

I’m bothered by what he admitted to. It doesn’t change how I feel about him, but I do find myself wishing I’d known about it sooner. Regardless, he is who he is and I do love him.

The bigger problem is his habit of keeping things from me. I understand he’s a private man and much of this habit is due to his occupation, but our relationship needs to be built on trust. I trust him; I’d tell him anything and everything because he is important to me, the most important part of my life now. We can’t expect to work together if we aren’t honest with one another. If he doesn’t trust me enough to really let me into his life, whatever it may have been before, whatever it is today…

I just…hate this feeling that I might not really know who he is or what he’s really up to when he vanishes and won’t tell me where he’s going beyond it being “business”. And now that I know what I know about his background…I just don’t know what to think.


It’s been a couple of weeks since Bataav posted the security detail at my estate on the surface.

I spend most of my time at Astral and FedMart with Bataav, so I checked in with Aranza today to see how things are going, as I imagined it would be quite a change for her to suddenly have five armed men in body armor traipsing around the grounds and the house. Perhaps it comes from memories of my brothers, who would tear (on occasion) down the halls, whooping and hollering in some fantastic display of make-believe games and sending all manner of items crashing to the floor until my parents shooed them outside to play, where they would inevitably trample my mother’s flower garden. Not that I expect Bataav’s men to play or stomp on the plants! But Aranza has been head housekeeper for many years now and runs my home just-so, and everything there has been so quiet for so long. Five men—grown or not—suddenly tossed into the mix could be, from her point of view, trouble enough.

To my surprise, she was actually quite unruffled. The six of them have integrated very well, apparently having easily come to a kind of unspoken agreement on how to work together. The rest of the house staff have not been bothered either. Aranza said Bataav’s men—I call them a “security detail” but honestly they are really commandos—are mostly quiet and unobtrusive, very respectful of the status quo, serious about their duty, and she doesn’t often see them. They spend most of their time patrolling the grounds and the estate’s perimeter. As each ends their shift, they enter the house to take meals, and relax and sleep in the rooms provided to them, though someone does stand guard over the house at night.

She thinks they are incredibly capable and she feels very safe, which reassures me. I’ll be in good hands whenever I go home.


It’s getting to be time for me to get back to ILF and my duties. The Suresha was very gracious about allowing me to take however long I needed to tend to my mother’s affairs, which I’m grateful for.

Bataav stayed with me a while but had to head back to Astral to take care of his own work. As much as he supports and loves me, he also knew I needed to be alone for a while. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

Before finalizing things at the house today I took a trip to see Mammal. There were a few things I wanted to discuss with him. It was good to see him and I’m looking forward to trying the mantra he gave me.

I wish I could have stayed a bit longer…especially because he told me he’s leaving ILF. It brought to mind something I said to the Suresha in October when Mammal stepped down: whether his decision then was the first step toward him eventually leaving us. And now he is.

I’m upset about it even though I recognize Mammal has to follow his own path. We’ll still keep in touch of course, but it’s true that corp won’t be the same without him. I left his home with a heavy heart.

On another topic, just when Bataav and I left Astral to tend to things here, I received a mail from Corelous Alterrian. I’d almost forgotten he said he would be in touch about some proposal. Given what was going on I didn’t pay it much attention at the time. It seems he’s found a reason to be in the Intaki area and is offering to make himself available to my pilots for training ops.

My curiosity was piqued but my guard was up too. Something about him kept nagging at me so I linked up with the station to access my records, and found this:

Corelous Alterrian > Yea I would like to be able to come back to Intaki and see the Sov back to Caldari

This comment came some months ago during an exchange of pleasantries with Damar Rocarion on public comms that I happened to be monitoring.

It’s not something I like the sound of at all. The squids have no business in Intaki.

I sent him a reply. I attached that quote. I told him I was interested in his offer but have some concerns.

We’ll see if anything comes of it.

War In Intaki

For lack of much else to do in my downtime I’ve started poking into the Intergalactic Summit. Bataav, Mammal, and the Suresha seem to spend a lot of time there promoting ILF’s cause and recently it was commented by someone how it would be nice to have more voices from the corp lending support. To date I’ve not had many occasions to really look for myself. Most of the time I’ve been too busy, and IGS tends to move quickly.

Today, though, I took notice of this post by Seriphyn Inhonores.

I’ve met him only once, just recently. I happened to be back up at Astral to tend to a few things and, as always, was monitoring FreeIntaki at the same time. He was monitoring too. Other people have spoken of him from time to time of course, so I wasn’t completely oblivious to his identity. And there he was, the “great” Seriphyn Inhonores, in all his glory:

Seriphyn Inhonores > Jezebel Danae, my god woman… Your bust has about the same depth as your torso!
Jezebel Danae > Yea, and your point is?
Seriphyn Inhonores > Er.
Jezebel Danae > Didn’t think so.
Sakaane Eionell > Doesn’t always pay to be a typical man, does it, Commander?

It seems most people call him “General” but when I reviewed his public profile, his rank was displayed only as “Commander”. Given his opening remarks, I had no intention of affording him respect he didn’t honestly appear worthy of or entitled to. Still, at the time I decided to be polite since I didn’t actually know him.

Seriphyn Inhonores > I was expressing shock, not lust…!
Tahni Midari > Some women simply have…um…those sorts of genetics.
Jezebel Danae > Cause I’m skinny and have large breasts? What’s so shocking about that?

He looked to me after that and said:

Seriphyn Inhonores > Seems like you know who I am, but I’m ’fraid that’s not reciprocated.

I remember I took a moment to think about how I wanted to respond to him. He’s a militia pilot and a patriot of the Federation, obviously a polar opposite in many ways to myself.

Sakaane Eionell > Your reputation precedes you, sir.

It’s really too bad that tone doesn’t always transmit terribly well over public comms channels. Seriphyn has a reputation, certainly. Doesn’t mean I consider it a good one…but apparently he does, because the channel registered him coughing and blushing visibly after my comment.

There was more to that encounter but it’s a story for another time. Anyway, reading over his post on IGS today elicited similar feelings. I didn’t much care for his pot-shot against IPI and I-RED for not doing anything in the Intaki sov to stave off the militias, and Damar Rocarion is just as bad, if not worse, for his smacktalk, so I weighed in:

Originally by: Damar Rocarion

Let us not forget that as outside entity, I-RED decided they had authority to police the militia “for outlaw elements”.

Let us not forget that as an outside entity, the Caldari militia decided they had authority to occupy Intaki without the express invitation of its inhabitants. The FDU would not have felt compelled to enter our sovereign space if not for the Caldari. The IPI and I-RED would be free to continue working toward our goals of securing Placid from pirate elements and establishing an independent Intaki state if we did not have to deal with this distraction.

I’m going to watch this discussion for the next while, and see what happens.


Thanks to Devan Corvel and Nailo Zook for participating.

Bereye III – Moon 1 – Roden Shipyards Factory
Golden Phoenix Inc. Office

Sakaane sat at her desk, staring at a datapad. The display swam before her, prompting her to drop the device with a sigh so she could massage her temples and forehead. The act did nothing to ease the ache behind her eyes; she leaned forward instead, resting her elbows on the desk and leaving her head in her hands.

It had been a hard twelve months and Sakaane felt drained. A year had passed since the first Caldari occupation of Intaki and everything had gone downhill from there. She’d lost Mourning Star and its crew to rogue slavers because of her own stupid, completely avoidable negligence: she’d been so worried about her homeworld that her mind wandered from the battle and she’d failed to activate any defenses. Some weeks later, reports began to surface of shortages in Intaki, and by June of YC111, the Caldari had swept through the rest of the Federation war zone, claiming it all for the State. Long conversations with Njal about these developments had ignited a desire to go back to Intaki and fight for independence…but still she found herself in hisec.

She opened her eyes. The datapad’s display listed the current Golden Phoenix roster. Annoyingly, all but four of the names showed as inactive, including Nailo’s, their CEO, and she sighed. More and more over the last year, Devan had been forced to step into his shoes and make decisions that shouldn’t have been his to make. He’d stay up late working on reports and tasks which should have been solely the responsibility of the CEO and no one else. His own responsibilities and other obligations, including to her, had fallen more and more by the wayside, and she’d seen him less and less for all the time he spent holed up in the corp office. Nailo had been more or less unreachable and left no word as to when he’d resurface. The corporation had floundered without proper guidance, and there had been no one else with at least some authority to do anything about that but Devan.

Their relationship had degenerated to frequent arguments about Devan’s role and what Nailo’s absence was doing to TGPI and to their relationship. Sakaane had tried to help as much as she could, but Devan was stuck being a director doing a CEO’s job without a CEO’s roles or title. They could only hobble along and, for lack of a better term, fake it.

Intaki and the Ishukone Question

The news this month about Tibus Heth’s auction, the panic on Intaki Prime in response, and the revelation that Ishukone Corporation has won development rights has not been good.

It wasn’t enough for the Caldari to regain their homeworld, which they did. No, they’ve rampaged on and become the very monster they wanted to destroy. Never mind that the squids treat my homeland and the homelands of billions of other people across New Eden as a mere commodity, to be bought and sold no different than flour or a chair. The thought is so disgusting and offensive that for now I have to consciously not talk about it for the absolute rage it conjures within me. (And people say the Intaki are stoic by nature?)

A long time ago I wrote about Otro Gariushi, then-CEO of Ishukone, and how he was a sole ray of hope for the Caldari State. But he was killed and the hope he brought with him was lost. Now Mens Reppola is in charge, and I understand this man was a close confidant of Gariushi’s. But nevertheless I am nervous. Even if Ishukone is the least of all potential evils to have “won” Intaki, it still remains a State megacorporation first and foremost.

What will they do to my beloved jewel? Will they ruin it, turn it into another Caldari Prime, a worthless rock with no beauty or warmth? Ishukone favors technology; will they see Intaki Prime as a source of materials and strip it bare in a relentless search for their next lucrative patent?

They can’t, they mustn’t… If Caldari Prime was as important to them as they say, surely the Caldari must understand Intaki’s importance to my people. Surely?

I have not yet said this to Devan, but I’m thinking about going back to Intaki now more than ever. I need to go home. I feel helpless out here, and things are spiralling out of control there. But I’m not sure what I would do when I got there or even if anything I could do would be of any help. I’m one person against such an enemy…and that, perhaps, is the only thing keeping me from leaving this very minute. That…and I think Devan wouldn’t go with me. TGPI is still struggling and he is committed to keeping the corporation afloat. I would feel guilty for abandoning him.

For now…I’ll wait to see what Ishukone does, and hope they are a blessing in disguise.

And Then There Were Four?

Despite all the uproar in the last year, I’ve made an effort to grow the ranks of TGPI but it seems to be for naught. We brought on several new people—Sansebastian, Johnny, Musashi, Huanlong, Kruznik, others—and all have either left to join other organizations or simply fail to make any sort of regular appearance.

Where is Nailo and the rest of the original TGPI crew? There were more than a dozen of them when I signed on last year, but since then the group has seemingly been whittled down to just Devan and Eric, and, to some extent, Abby, though he spends most of his time on his own out in Amarr space. The corporation roster still lists everyone else but anyone’s guess is good as to where they might be or what they’re doing. I think new recruits feel uneasy staying in our ranks when they see so little participation from the long-standing members, and I can’t blame them!

That Nailo, our CEO, has been absent from our daily operations for months is especially worrisome. More and more, Devan has had to step into his shoes and make decisions that shouldn’t be his to make. He stays up late working on reports and tasks which should be solely the responsibility of the CEO and no one else. Devan has his own responsibilities to tend to, he has obligations to himself and to me outside of the work we do… I see him less and less for all the time he spends in the corp office. But Nailo has been unreachable and left no word. The corporation will flounder without someone’s guidance, and there is no one else with at least some authority to do it but Devan.

Part of me, a not-so-small part, can’t help but notice the original TGPI crew, who lately again I am painfully aware are mostly all Caldari, started to vanish this spring right around when the militia conflict with the State began to ramp up again. Devan gets angry when I suspect these things are related. It’s an awfully convenient coincidence though…