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Retail Therapy?

Thanks to Devan’s gift I had enough reserve savings to purchase the Legion!

The Amarr Legion

The Amarr Legion

Ooh! Aah!

I’m looking forward to taking both of my new ships out for a spin to see how they perform against the Serps. Even if it is currently unrealistic to do anything about the Caldari occupation at home, I can still push ahead with trying to eliminate this criminal element. If I can make a serious enough dent in their operations here they might pull some of their forces away from Placid, and that might be something of a help or relief to the people at home still dealing with the Caldari…


Perhaps partially as a ‘feel better’ gift, and perhaps partially because the market price keeps creeping up faster than I’ve been able to increase the balance in my wallet, today Devan gifted me the last several hundred million ISK I needed so I could finally buy the Marauder I have trained and saved for since December when I found Mourning Star and became, as Devan puts it, obsessed with “Amarr shinies”.

The Paladin is a gorgeous hull, with that blazing red streak down its spine. Most Amarr hulls are gold in color and though I normally prefer silver hues in my precious metals, I find I can’t resist these ships. Gold just works for them!

The Amarr Marauder

The Amarr Marauder

I have my eye set on another new hull as well, the one the Amarr have put into production based on new technology brought back from w-space…but I think Bloodtalon will nevertheless remain far above any other hull I own, as a personal “flagship” of sorts!


At the end of December, Empress Jamyl I emancipated all ninth generation and later Minmatar slaves. The news rightly labelled the announcement a historical event. Enslavement is a terrible thing to do to any person. The empress said, “The Lord in his infinite grace has instructed me that the chains that fetter us will no longer be necessary in this new age of light and reason, neither the chains of hatred that restrain our minds nor the chains of indenture that restrain those less fortunate than ourselves.”

I’m not a follower of Amarr religion. I don’t pretend to understand even an iota of their beliefs or their god. But it seems to me that any gesture, divine or not, that frees the Minmatar people from the imprisonment imposed upon them by the Amarr is a step in the right direction. I understand the empress’s return was controversial and some, I think, still question whether she should be in power. I’d like to believe this event is at least a hint that she is going to take the Amarr Empire in a direction that will to the betterment of both her people and the Republic’s.

But now comes this report from Luminaire about reaction to the freeing of all those slaves. I do not understand how people like Senator Sephas Glissad and even Jekas Sighruss can think so narrowly, selfishly, suspiciously. Instead of lauding the event for what it is, the Senator worries about the fiscal impact? So…slaves should only be freed when it won’t bother anyone else’s wallet? Good grief! These people were slaves!

I could maybe excuse Jekas’s suspicion given how often the Amarr have raped the Minmatar people. But even so… What is that saying? “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.” Is it too much to ask to simply rejoice in freedom?

Ursalin Dovaille has it right: there is hope for the Amarr regarding the value of self-determination. I can only admire Empress Jamyl for this decision despite the difficulty it will undoubtedly cause her. There is still much to be done in the Empire to abolish slavery and reshape that society for the better, but this was a good first step.

Mourning Star

Thanks to Devan Corvel for participating.

Everyshore Region – Osnins Constellation – Halle System

The last of the Serpentis ships exploded. Sakaane smiled a smile of satisfaction and set Ebony Cascade to intercept the nearest wreck while simultaneously alerting her crew to prepare to loot any viable cargo, including an item her agent wanted. She would return later in her Catalyst, Quicker Picker Upper, to retrieve the rest of the loot and salvage the wrecks for anything else of worth.

The wreck grew in her view as the Myrmidon approached and her camera drones drew near. She focused on it, sending the drones to circle around so she could see the sparking, twisted metal from all sides. How many pirate vessels had she reduced to this slag? She’d lost count. It felt great.

Her ship came in range and coasted to a stop. While waiting idly for the cargo to be transferred aboard and for lack of anything else to do, Sakaane brought up her ship’s directional scanner and fiddled with the settings. She didn’t really expect to find anything else but junk and debris out here in the middle of nowhere—after all, that was why pirate factions like the Serpentis chose to live in these dead areas—but sometimes the scanner would pick up an occasional amusing tidbit of something, and it was better than passing the time simply floating in her capsule doing nothing.

An intermittent blip appeared on the scanner.

Her crew signaled up. “It’s not in this one.”