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The list below contains the ficlets that have been published in the Pilot Log. Ficlets are third-person narratives of Sakaane's adventures in New Eden. Some have multiple pages within the ficlet, while certain others have been broken into multiple parts. Ficlets that are very long, or multiple ficlets that form parts of larger story arcs, are also available as ebook collections.

Title Published
Progression 19 July YC115
Metanoein 17 June YC115
A Request 01 November YC114
Visual Omens - The Fifth 15 August YC114
I-RED Tea and Press Conference 12 August YC114
Respite 06 August YC114
Nascence 02 August YC114
Visual Omens - The Fourth 02 August YC114
Invalidation 28 July YC114
Uncertainties 26 July YC114
Negotiations: The Mess Goes On 22 July YC114
Minmatar Freedom Fighters declare war on Intaki Freedom Fighters...? 21 July YC114
The Potential for Friendship 15 July YC114
On Music and Meddling 25 June YC114
Common Ground 01 June YC114
Hour of the Wolf 04 May YC114
Secrets 03 May YC114
Darac Rin 29 March YC114
Transfer of Power 14 February YC114
Finding One’s Way 29 January YC114
Loss and Revelation 15 January YC114
AI 42 - An Intaki Secessionist? 03 January YC114
The Anniversary 22 December YC113
Isha-Sainika 11 October YC113
A Good Day 03 September YC113
Jyotmimana Karana 28 July YC113
Holoreel Convention - Part 7 26 March YC113
Holoreel Convention - Part 6 25 March YC113
Holoreel Convention - Part 5 24 March YC113
Holoreel Convention - Part 4 23 March YC113
Holoreel Convention - Part 3 23 March YC113
Holoreel Convention - Part 2 22 March YC113
Holoreel Convention - Part 1 20 March YC113
Loyalties Affirmed 21 September YC112
Tantalus 17 September YC112
Confrontation 05 March YC112
Mourning Star 06 December YC110
First Meeting (Reprise) 02 September YC110
Resignation 01 September YC110
Stolen Arms 27 July YC110
First Meeting 07 January YC109
In the Navy 19 February YC106
Capsule-Bound 18 February YC106
Introduction 30 October YC105