Frequently Asked Questions

faq1. What is Solitary Pilot?

It’s a creative project detailing my experiences playing the MMORPG EVE Online. Most content is written in-character or from a roleplay perspective. Some familiarity with EVE will ensure everything makes much more sense, but even if not, readers should still be able to get by.

The name “Solitary Pilot” comes from the EVE Online music track of the same name.

 2. Is Solitary Pilot‘s content considered “public IC knowledge”?

Everything in the Artwork gallery is posted OOCly.’

Everything in the Ficlets, Pilot Log, Timeline, Who’s Who and Xtras sections is OOC knowledge unless your character is specifically mentioned or you can reasonably justify his or her knowledge of that content.

3. What kind of stuff can I find in Solitary Pilot?

Artwork – Screencaps/drawings
Ficlets – Chronicles of events in my character’s lifetime
Pilot Log – An in-character blog
Timeline – Important dates in my character’s lifetime
Who’s Who – A reference list of notable characters
Xtras – Downloadable content, FAQs, etc.

4. There’s a lot of content! Where should I start?

If this is your first visit, the best place to start is with the Introduction ficlet. Follow the link at the end to read through the Pilot Log from the beginning. The other ficlets are linked chronologically in the log so you won’t miss anything.

5. How is Sakaane’s name pronounced?

Her full name is Sakaane Eionell. Say Sa-KAAH-nay AY-oh-nell. The “KAAH” sound in her first name has a long “a” sound like in “awesome”.

6. You’re a girl IRL! How did you get started playing EVE Online?

tl;dr: Boys are sneaky.

The Ionger answer: In 2008 I was craftily sucked into EVE. At first I just watched over my then-boyfriend’s shoulder. He would patiently answer questions and do a bit of  play-by-play commentary for me, and it was all good. Later, whenever he had to step briefly away from the computer, he started asking, “Hon, will you empty that can into my cargo hold? Just click and drag,” or “Hon, will you send my ship back to station? Just click that icon.” Pretty soon he had me fiddling with the character generator. Yeah. By then it was too late for me, and here I am.

7. I can’t figure out the Artwork gallery. It’s backward!

The thumbnails are listed newest to oldest. So, if you want to view them sequentially, you should start at the bottom-right corner.

8. Can I draw pictures for you?

Yes please! I love receiving guest art. You don’t have to ask for permission, but please see my Picture Policy for some guidelines.

9. Can I use your pictures?

Probably not the way you want to. In-game screenshots are the property of CCP Games (though they are quite unrestrictive about players using said screenshots) though the actual appearance of my character and all hand-drawn art is strictly my property. Please see my Picture Policy for more information.