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Category: Xtras

Below is additional Solitary Pilot content.

The deGuerre Family

On February 29, 2016, CCP discontinued the EVElopedia. Unfortunately for some players, the wiki contained the only record of their adventures in New Eden.

The following article was originally authored by Carl Marsalis. I am republishing the content with his permission so that these character histories are not lost.

Louis deGuerre

Louis deGuerre

Louis deGaulle was born on Gallente Prime in the Gallente Federation, the empire of the free, where you have freedom of religion, freedom of speech…and freedom to starve. At a young age he was abandoned by his mother on the dark streets in the shadow of the stratoscrapers that define the Gallente cities. Like many other disregarded citizens he survived alone on the refuse of those more fortunate until he was arrested and enrolled in a Youth Reclamation Program. When he was tested in the camp school his analytical skills were noticed and eventually he was enrolled in the Federation Navy. There he became a capsuleer and ventured out into the universe. In gratitude to the Federation Navy for the change in his miserable life he assumed the surname deGuerre, meaning war in the now archaic language of the original founders of the Gallente Federation.

Using the skills he acquired in his studies he hacked into the Federal Administration’s DNA records trying to find out if he had any family. He discovered that his mother and father were long dead due to substance abuse, but that two other children matching his DNA pattern had once been arrested as well. His brother and sister had been sired by other men than his dead father. After their release from custody their DNA matches never appeared again. This meant that they were either dead or living in another empire. He continued to search for them with little success, as all he had were two police ID photos of angrily scowling youths and their names, Hanako Nakamura and Batukhan Kiyat.


In her youth, Sakaane aspired to be a singer and performer. Her primary and secondary education centered around musical studies and developing her talents both as a vocalist and with various instruments. In addition to songwriting, she specialized in violin and guitar with secondary focus on piano and oboe. In her late teens and early twenties her career looked promising; she developed a respectable following in the independent music scene on the Intaki homeworld.

When the Serpentis killed most of her immediate family, Sakaane gave up on music and became a capsuleer. For many years she was unable to tap into her talent, but events in YC114 contributed greatly to healing the spiritual wounds she’d suffered. She has since begun exploring her music again.

Years ago I played flute, oboe, and piano. Violin and guitar are instruments I always wanted to learn. But unlike other very talented EVE players such as Sindel Pellion (and despite the fact I do enjoy crooning to my steering wheel), actually trying to sing as Sakaane would require reliance on something like Auto-Tune and even then there would be risk of the software running away to hide, wimpering, in a dark corner of my computer where I’d never find it. (Maybe one day I’ll try it. Maybe. Don’t hold your breath!)

In any case, in lieu of any talent of my own, I’ve developed a playlist which contains music representing the kind of sounds, styles, lyrics, and genres Sakaane would be known for in and around Intaki over time. A selection of songs from this playlist are below.

Ebook Collections

There are story arcs on Solitary Pilot spanning numerous entries which took months (if not years) to write. By collecting the related posts together, readers are now able to enjoy complete narratives from the comfort of their tablet or eReader.

7th Annual Impetus Holoreel Convention

holoreelMarch, YC113. Thousands of allies and rivals from across the cluster have temporarily set aside their differences to travel to Dodixie, a star system in the heart of the Gallente Federation. There they will share drinks with one another, forge new friendships, and party hard at the Impetus Holoreel Convention, a massive gathering of capsuleers celebrating all facets of life in war-torn New Eden.

Among them are Sakaane Eionell and Bataav en Gravonere, two pilots from the Intaki Liberation Front keen to meet each other face to face for the first time. But their vacation brings more than they bargained for when a pirate seizes the opportunity for revenge, forcing Sakaane to begin questioning the truth about her family’s past.

epub  kindle  pdf

More eBook Collections will be posted Soon™!

CONCORD DED Public Capsuleer Datasheet

  • Name/DED Callsign: Sakaane Eionell
  • AKA: Sak, Sakaane
  • Bloodline: Intaki
  • Date of Birth: February 3, YC83
  • Place of Birth: Intaki Prime
  • Height: 170cm (5’7″)
  • Weight: 56.7kg (125lbs)
  • Hair Color: Honey blonde
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Political Alignment: Intaki Separatist
  • Employment History: Intaki Liberation Front (current); Tantalus Inc.; The Golden Phoenix Inc.; Federal Navy Academy
  • Status: Clear
  • DED Threat Assessment: Low

Data queries in YC114 suggest this capsuleer may have solicited information concerning certain prohibited technologies. Information trace on this subject is inconclusive and no record of criminal activity exists to date. See also: Darac Rin (case file #DR-895OH-W41I.YC114) and Milo Caman (case file #MC-38R5N-LCC2.YC114)

Subject specializes in Amarr ship classes. Openly aggressive concerning the Serpentis and demonstrates anti-State and anti-Federation sentiment where Intaki is concerned. Willing to engage hostile ships. Promoted to Pasha of Aditipala (ILF) ca. Apr YC113. Promoted to Isha-Sainika (ILF) ca. Oct YC113. Appointed leader of the Intaki Prosperity Initiative (IPI) ca. Feb YC114 and Chief Executive Officer of the Intaki Liberation Front (ILF) ca. Jun YC115. Current organization rank is “Suresha”, an Intaki term meaning “supreme leader of all leaders”.

Personality Assessment: Subject is fiercely loyal to her ideals and trusted friends. She values honesty and sincerity. Independent in nature but occasionally shy regarding personal matters. Her approach to other people varies from formal and reserved to warm and light-hearted depending on the nature of the association. Subject is Reborn and was raised according to Ida however psychological assessment indicates spiritual uncertainty in these areas stemming from events in YC106.

Physical Assessment: Healthy Intaki female. Toned, slim build. Average height. Medical history indicates extensive surgery and physical rehabilitation in YC106. Avoids all controlled substances including alcohol. No cybernetic enhancements other than standard capsuleer implants. Subject maintains close-quarters combat and firearm training (skill assessment: adept). Noted to wear a personal sidearm following service with FNA until late YC110; readopted ca. Apr YC113.

Known Associations: Subject is romantically involved with Bataav en Gravonere (case file #BG-49ZSI-FQ78.YC113). Maintains relations with various capsuleers and capsuleer organizations, most notably Saxon Hawke, Morwen Lagaan, Katrina Oniseki (Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive).

New Eden – Intaki Calendar

Click for full-size calendar.

Click for full-size calendar.

While writing a recent piece of fiction, I became interested in what season it happened to be, and other considerations related to date, in the southern Intaki hemisphere at the time the fiction took place.

After a bit of digging into the Vaanin k’Intaki and a calendar thread on the ILF forums, I decided to construct a chart as a kind of conversion tool.

This chart assumes, due to beliefs in rebirth (and taking into consideration the days of the Intaki week), the Intaki calendar year always begins on the first day of the week, even after Kumhbelaa (which, at only 11 days long, ends on the fifth day of the week, and the sixth day would be ignored).

The overall design of the chart is akin to a mirror image. One pixel is equal to one day. The New Eden (Earth) side is accurate to the actual calendar days from 2007 (YC109) onward, including leap years. Each long line is the start of a month. Every short line is a Sunday. On the Intaki side, each long line is also the start of a month and every short line is the first day of a week which I have assumed should actually be Day of Rebirth.

“N” and “S” across the top correspond to hemispheres (which wouldn’t exist for New Eden standard, but are helpful for conversions from the real world), while the colored blocks correspond to the seasons occurring in those hemispheres. On the New Eden side, the seasons are marked according to equinox and solstice as per real life, while on the Intaki side I used the seasons according to the calendar wheels in the Vaanin k’Intaki.

Keeping in mind that Intaki is a hot, tropical world with a late-sequence red star, typical weather (as suggested by the Vaanin k’Intaki) for each season is as follows:

Vitlakal – Winter: cool, rainy season
Valanay – Spring: warm, rainy season
Vilaad – Summer: hot dry season
Vharlaad – Autumn: cool dry season

The chart goes to mid-YC125 (mid-2023). If we are all still RPing that long from now I will be really impressed!

As with anything, YMMV. :)