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10 Responses to Artwork

  1. The Kiss

    Sanya (via Twitter)

    It’s not PG anymore!

  2. Layla Saitana says:

    Tongue Wars
    just took a look and litterally loled.

  3. Nasiir Eionell and Njal, the Bartender
    Damn those portraits are really well done. You got skillz :)

  4. Caellach Marellus says:

    Darac Rin, Scumbag Pirate™
    That’s the face of a man who clearly wasn’t breastfed. Such anger and bitterness.

  5. Louis deGuerre says:

    Specialist Airaken
    Nice, he’s got the scar and everything :P

  6. Specialist Airaken
    I bet I could take him.

  7. Louis deGuerre says:

    Sakaane Eionell (updated portrait)
    While I think your new image is very nice, I don’t think having the eyes of center is such a good idea

  8. Katrina Oniseki says:

    Sakaane Eionell (updated portrait)
    Okay, Sakaane’s new portrait is nice

  9. Teah Firn says:

    Sakaane Eionell (updated portrait)
    Love the new pic Saakane.

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